Why Credit Card Readers Are Good For Growth

Have you ever paid with a credit card reader? I can honestly say that I have only paid via a credit card reader a couple of times. And each of these times I was extremely happy that the business from which I was trying to make a purchase with had a credit card reader.

However, even though I have only paid via a credit card reader a couple of times, there have been so many other times when I wish a business had a credit card reader so that I could buy what I wanted. I don’t always have cash with me! Actually, I almost never have cash on me. You would be lucky to find a quarter on me, let alone enough to actually purchase something that I need or want.

So, if I don’t have cash, and the business does not have a credit card reader, that means that I usually just skip the purchase altogether. This means that both I, the customer, and them, the business, loses out, all because they do not have a credit card reader, or some sort of processor that will accept credit cards.

You can see now why a credit card reader is needed for a growing business. If you don’t accept credit cards, do you know how many potential sales that you might be turning down?

Many people use credit cards for many different reasons:

1. Some don’t like to carry cash. I’m one of those people. I tend to lose cash. I also spend it much more freely so I hate carrying it.

2. Some want to gain credit card rewards. I like my rewards.

3. Credit cards make it easier for a person to track their spending. I can easily log in and see where I have spent money, and how much I have spent.

4. Sometimes it is safer to have a credit card instead of having a large amount of cash. If you are going to make a large purchase, then carrying around a large amount of cash can potentially be dangerous.

5. And much, much more!


Having a credit card reader can really help a business grow. Don’t turn away your next potential sale just because you only take cash. That is a big mistake!

Do you have a credit card reader? Do you only take cash? Why or why not?


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