Loose Diamonds As Investment: Never Out of Fashion

We’re all aware of the major attraction of investing in diamonds – their incredible staying power. When you buy loose diamond stocks, your portfolio has been blessed with items that are virtually guaranteed to increase in value, protected from the buffeting of the markets and the stresses of the physical world. Over and above all this, diamonds literally are forever when it comes to staying at the forefront of fashion – associated with glamour and the celebrity lifestyle. Hollywood stars, music legends and the elite of society alike all wish to be seen festooned with diamonds, as numerous examples attest.

The Kidman necklace

Just one such example is the gorgeous diamond necklace worn by screen goddess Nicole Kidman on the red carpet during the 2008 Academy Awards. Contrasting with her classic black gown, the diamonds glittered in the lenses of the assembled paparazzi and ensured that both Kidman and the gemstones themselves were the real stars of the Oscars. Just recently, a jeweller based in Dubai offered the same Sautoir necklace for sale at a jewellery exhibition in the UAE for a mere Dh25 million. It is clear that the glamour Nicole Kidman successfully sought on that Oscars night is just not going away!

A fine pedigree

Of course Nicole Kidman is hardly the first star to send a message through diamonds. Whether it’s Marilyn Monroe singing that “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend” in 1953’s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, or the innocent attraction of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s these stones have been shorthand for glamour wherever they have been seen.

Carrie Underwood glitters at the Grammys

And taking us right up to date, country singer Carrie Underwood made use of the beauty of diamonds at this weekend’s 55th Annual Grammys Awards, accessorising her Roberto Cavalli gown with an eye-catching 381 carat diamond necklace. As Underwood walked up the red carpet with her bodyguards, she literally looked a few million dollars, thanks to her own good looks, her designer frock and the unbeatable allure of diamonds. From the earliest days of celebrity culture, all the canniest celebs have known that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, just as the smarter investor knows that buying loose diamonds will never be an action they regret.

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