Are you a bad freelancer?

Freelancing is a topic that I have been covering a lot on the blog lately. Many bloggers have been increasing their freelancing services. So, what makes a good freelancer? What makes a bad freelancer?

If you want to become a freelancer with a great reputation, then you should try to not make these mistakes.

Being dishonest with your clients.

When freelancing, you should be as honest as you can be. Lying about a past project and/or past results is never a good idea. Also, pretending that you are able to do something (such as being able to design websites when you never have in your life) when you cannot is not a good idea. Even one small lie will make you look extremely dishonest. It’s always best to be as honest as possible.


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Being unprofessional or gossiping with your clients.

Most people like a little bit of gossip. However, you probably do not want to call your clients and customers and cry on the phone about something that your sister’s ex-best friend said about you. That is never a good idea. Being unprofessional can cost you a client.


Turning in late work.

Many clients have experiences this, when your freelancer turns in their work late.

If you think that you may turn in your work late, you should let your client know immediately. They will appreciate your honesty and then they can schedule around when you think that you will actually turn in your work. Clients don’t want to find out at the last second that they won’t get your work until a week or a month later.

Slacking off with your freelancing services.

There are many reasons for why some freelancers might start slacking off with the services that they offer. They may feel like they are not earning enough and will start slacking off to “get back” at their client. This is a HORRIBLE idea. If you feel that you are not getting paid what you should, then you should say something immediately. Slacking off can cost you many clients now and in the future.

Others might start slacking off because they took on too many projects at once. You should be realistic with your time. You should never give your client less quality work just because you cannot keep up.

What are other bad freelance behaviors?


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