Starting a Dog Walking Business

Starting a Dog Walking BusinessHave you ever thought about starting a dog walking business?

Maybe certain shows like King of Queens have got you interested in this possible business idea.

While the job may be fun you should definitely love animals because you will be around them all day long!

Keep in mind that walking dogs may sound easy, but it isn’t always is. You have to know how to be able to control dogs, especially since you will probably be walking more than one at a time. If you lost a dog or if two of the dogs got into a fight, could you control it?

Here is how to start a dog walking business.

Act professionally.

If you want your dog walking business to be professional and be an actual business, then you might want to look into things like legalizing the business (maybe you want it to be an LLC, partnership, or something else? – contact a lawyer or accountant if you have questions about this), obtaining dog walking insurance, and so on.

It also never hurts to get signed contracts before you start walking someone’s pet as well. You want to protect yourself in case anything does happen or if any disagreements arise.

Look for clients.

If you are new to the dog walking business, then you may want to start by walking dogs for those that you know so that you can see if you like it first. Walking your own dogs will probably be different from walking a stranger’s dog, because you don’t know how they will behave.

Once you decide that dog walking is for you, you may want to expand more and look for new clients. There are many ways to look for new clients. You could:

  • Put up flyers around town. Look for bulletin boards especially!
  • Post advertisements for your business online. Maybe a website such as Craigslist would work?
  • Create a website. New customers can easily find you and find out more about you if you have a professional website.

Always provide great customer service.

The dog walking business is a business where referrals are huge. Most people are not just going to let any random person enter their house and take their dog, so you will always want to watch your reputation.

Word-of-mouth is huge and most future clients will want to hear testimonials or reviews from past clients.

Would you ever walk dogs for extra money? What tips do you have?


5 Tips To Have Side Hustle Success

5 Tips To Have Side Hustle SuccessSide hustling can change your life. You can make money on the side of your day job that can help you reach your financial goals a little bit more quickly.

You can pay off your student loans, start the business of your dreams on the side, go on a dream vacation, save up money to travel the world, pay off your credit card debt, save up for a home down payment, and more.

It’s all up to you. It’s your time and your money.

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Below are my five tips to have side hustle success:

1. Find the best side hustle for you.

The first thing you need to do is buy the best side hustle for you. This means you should look into your talents and skill set and see how you can make money. Just because one person can make money with a certain side hustle does not mean that it can work for everyone.

This is why you should dive into your own skills and see how you can possibly make money. This makes having a side hustle more enjoyable because you are doing what you want to do in your free time.

For example, if you absolutely hate dogs, then becoming a dog walker sounds like a horrible idea. However, if you love dogs, then becoming a dog walker might be a dream side job for a person.

2. Use your time wisely.

A side hustle means that you will most likely be using a lot of your free time on whatever your side job is. This means that you need to learn how to use your time as wisely as you can.

Create a schedule, eliminate distractions, find out when you work best, and more.

3. Network like crazy.

A very important part of having side hustle success is that you have clients. It would be very hard to ever gather any clients for your business unless you network. This means networking with a potential client base and also networking with those in your industry. Don’t see everyone as competition, instead think of it as a way to grow your business and improve yourself.

4. Outsource what you can.

Eventually, it would be very hard to grow your business while also maintaining your day job. You may want to look into outsourcing what you can so that you can focus on the more important parts of your business.

5. Don’t forget to enjoy life.

In the end, it’s always important to enjoy your life. You will most likely be spending a decent amount of time working, so getting out and doing other things that you love is very important. This way you can relax, rejuvenate yourself, and more.

Do you have a side hustle? What tips do you have to be successful with it?


How To Find A Renter

How To Find A RenterOne thing that makes a lot of people not want to get into the rental business is because they are afraid of having really bad renters.

Many people have heard of many horror stories, including myself.

I have heard of renters completely ruining homes by ruining the carpets, putting holes in walls, pets ruining the home, and so on. I have also first hand seen things happen as well. It would be horrible to finally find a rental home, buy it, find a renter, and then for it to end very badly with thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Not all renters are bad though! You hardly hear about the good stories, but you hear about the few that went very badly. If all rental stories ended badly, then no one would be doing it. However, that is not the case. There are plenty of positive rental stories.

There are ways to try to find the best renter for you and your property.

Always make sure that you are abiding by the Fair Housing Rules. Don’t make any decisions based on the potential renter’s gender, race, choice of religion, any disabilities and so on.

Make sure you check their references.

There are many different ways to check a renter’s references. There are company’s out there that you can use, or you can do it yourself. Make sure you do a background check as well. You may be able to find out if they took care of their last place well or not.

Determine if you want pets allowed.

Many landlords say no to pets, and there is a reason for that. With animals, accidents may happen. You may want to say no to pets completely. If you do allow them, you may want to ask for an additional security deposit, or even an extra amount added to their rent each month for having a pet with them.

Ask for a deposit.

To protect yourself and your rental property, you will want to ask for a deposit from the renter. You can ask for a set number such as $500 or $1,000 (or any amount that you think is correct for the place). Or you could ask for an amount equal to the first and last month’s rent. You need to make it clear about if or how they can get their deposit back as well.

Check your city’s renting laws.

In some cities, it might be near impossible to kick the renter out if they aren’t paying or if they are just horrible renters. You might have to wait six months before you can do anything. You will want to check if the neighborhood even allows for renters as well – many do not.

Definitely check with your city and see if you are willing to risk this. I have actually seen this happen first hand where the renter lived in a home for a FULL YEAR without paying a single month (except for the deposit) because the city’s laws made it impossible to kick them out.

What tips do you have to find the best renters?


4 Tips for Generating Money with Your Mobile Phone

Making money online has long been a popular way of generating an additional income. However with the explosion of the smart phone and tablet market you can now make money with your mobile, making it easier to run a business on the go and generate extra money from just about anywhere. So before you set up yet another e-commerce site, read these tips on how to make money using your mobile device.

1. Participate in surveys

Mobile surveys or product reviews are a great way to earn some extra money from just about anywhere. You can complete a survey whilst standing in the queue at the grocery store or whilst waiting for a bus, and although the remuneration may be small it will fast add up.

2. Create an app

This may seem farfetched if you have no technological knowledge, but if you have a fantastic idea and know someone who can develop it for you, a mobile app can earn you thousands. Even the simplest apps generate a huge income if they are purchased by users from around the globe. [Read more…]

Making Money with Vending Machines: Turning Snack Time into Cash Time

When looking for a way to make money on the side without having to dabble online, some people tend to ignore the giant snack-filled box in the room. Vending Machines have a reputation for being unreliable as both a source of income and snacks. But there are ways to make money off of these bulky giants if you know what you’re doing. Here are some tips for starting out.

Do your homework.

As with any source of alternate income, you’re much more likely to make money if you treat it like a legitimate job. The harder you work, the more you make. So when you’re starting out, don’t rush into things. Look into several suppliers before buying your vending machine, paying attention to prices, warranties, and size. Consider what you want to sell and make sure you buy the right type of machine to dispense those products.  Talk with local businesses about putting the machine in their facilities and scope out the best location- one with high traffic.

Be Creative

The great thing about vending machines is that you can dictate exactly what you want to do. You can sell what you want, charge what you want, and market it how you want. Consider the location of your machine and try to market to the people who will be visiting it. With healthy eating on the rise, consider healthy but tasty options that people won’t feel guilty eating. Also, look into selling handmade goods or other unexpected items. Choose something that people will say, “Wow, I can get this from a vending machine?!” The novelty alone will result in sales. Be competitive and reasonable with your prices, but keep in mind that if you’re not making a profit, you’re not doing things right.

[Read more…]

Work From Home Opportunities

“I can’t go back to work,” my best friend lamented to me half way into her maternity leave. “I’m tired of working for somebody else; and I don’t want to leave him” – indicating her six week old son – “for eight and a half hours a day.” She looked at me pleadingly, the raw emotion clearly visible in her eyes. “How did you do it?”

By ‘it,’ my friend meant leaving my full-time job and embarking on a new professional path as my own boss. No more 8am conference calls with an unsympathetic manager; no more weekend calls to work overtime; no more office politics.

The fact is, just about anyone can use their skill set to make money outside of the traditional workplace. Whether you’re a journalist, like me, who wants to branch out on her own, or an independently-minded businessman looking to take advantage of the dozens of franchise opportunities available right now, if you look hard enough, you’ll uncover many creative new ways to expand your income.

Many people find passion by working from home.

Become A Mortgage Broker

With mortgage rates at all-time lows, there’s never been a better time to become a mortgage broker. You’ve got two options when it comes to pursuing this career path. The first is the more conventional of the two – signing on to work as a broker with an established office or company. The second gives you more freedom and control – and more responsibility as well: taking advantage of mortgage broker franchise opportunities.

To get an idea of the mortgage broker franchise model, think about the world’s biggest franchise: McDonald’s. While most people associate this chain with Ray Kroc, the first McDonald’s was actually opened in 1940 by two brothers, named – what else? – Richard and Maurice McDonald. It wasn’t until Kroc signed on as a franchise agent in 1955 that the chain took off. Under the McDonald’s model, qualified franchisees pay an upfront fee to open a location under the parent company’s name. They follow the parent company’s rules, usually offering the same products or services with minimal variation. While the franchisee ultimately reports to the parent company, they enjoy the benefits of owning and operating their own office or storefront. [Read more…]

A Quick Guide for Starting a Doggie Daycare Business

If you have an interest in pet care and would like to start a business of your own, you may want to think about opening your own doggie daycare. Doggie daycares are becoming increasingly popular–and with the growing demand for this type of service, it can be a very rewarding one to get into. Here are the steps you need to take as well as some important things to consider if you think this might be the right business for you.

A Passion for Dogs

In order to operate a doggie daycare business, you must be a dog-lover and possess certain personality traits that are suitable for pet-care. Patience, kindness, and confidence are important characteristics for a person to have when dealing with different doggie personalities–if this doesn’t sound like you, it might not be the right business to get into.

Previous Experience

Money Making Ideas: Starting a Doggie DaycareIn addition to a passion for animals and their care, it helps if you have some previous animal care experience. Pet-sitting, dog-walking, volunteer work at a local animal shelter, or the care of your own animals will give you a good foundation to build upon. [Read more…]

How to Make Money Growing and Selling Herbs (and Herbal Products)

If you’re a creative person and you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you may want to consider the idea of starting your own business growing and selling herbs and herbal products. If you weren’t born with a green thumb, don’t worry! Herbs are easy and inexpensive to grow yourself, and whether you choose to sell the plants themselves or make your own fun and innovative products from them, the marketing possibilities are truly endless. Here are some tips and ideas to get you started growing and selling herbs for profit.

Come Up With a Plan

Like any other business endeavor, the best place to start is with a well thought out plan. Since herbs are very cheap to grow, you can plant a lot of them.

If you are able to have an outdoor herb garden, you will need to pick a location in your yard where your plants will thrive and then prepare the area for planting. Keep in mind that outdoor plants are [Read more…]

An Eye for an “I Do”: Starting a Wedding Video Business

Life is fleeting, and memories of it are accordingly priceless.  Why else would couples pay $1,500 and upwards for photographers and videographers to record their ceremony?  For those few gifted individuals with an eye for captivating images, and an instinctual ability to capture moments as they unfold with a camera there is much money to be made. And as digital photography and digital video make photography more accessible to the masses, even those individuals without a great artistic eye can claim a piece of the pie.

Before Getting Started…

As with other money making ideas involving photography or videography, there is an upfront equipment cost involved. The first thing you’ll need to start videoing weddings (besides a wedding) is high quality equipment.  No, this does not mean that you’ll have to sell that Betamax camcorder you bought in the 80’s, but it does mean that, in order to be taken seriously, you will need to invest in semi-professional gear.  In addition to a camera—and ideally you will have more than one—you will need a tripod, preferably of the fluid head variety, an audio mixer, and a diverse collection of microphones, including a remote system.  How much you choose to spend on your equipment, and how many accessories you choose to purchase (such as a Steadicam support system, crane, or a track and dolly system) will largely determine the price of your wedding packages.

[Read more…]

The Most Gratifying Money Making Idea If You Love Kids – Become a Mother’s Helper

Do you love working with children? Are you looking for a part-time job in which you can make decent money providing a valuable–and much appreciated–service? A job in which every day is just a little different and may involve playing with Lego and play-dough? Then consider becoming a mother’s helper may be one of the most gratifying of the money making ideas for you!

A cross between a nanny and a baby-sitter, a mother’s helper provides child care and light household help for a parent who stays or works at home. Back in your great-great grandmother’s time, this function was served by an older daughter or a girl hired from a neighboring household. Now today’s over-stressed, over-extended SAHM/WAHM, or homeschool mom is willing to pay well for competent, responsible help.


While each parent will have different requirements for her particular situation, here are qualities which will stand you in good stead:

  • You enjoy spending time with children.
  • You’re fun, yet firm.
  • You’re flexible (life with small children is never predictable!).
  • You’re willing to do light housework, even if it’s messy or disagreeable. [Read more…]