5 Ways To Prepare For An Interview

5 Ways To Prepare For An InterviewIf you have an interview coming up, I highly recommend that you start preparing for it now. Too many interviewees go into an interview without preparing at all, which can be a major disaster.

If you’ve gone so far as to create a great resume and/or apply for a position, then you should always take the extra steps to make sure that you are prepared for the actual interview. After all, it is a very important step when it comes to the job search process. A bad interview will most likely mean that you won’t get the job.

Below are 5 ways to prepare for an interview:

1. Do research on the company and the position.

Before you head out for your interview, you should know as much about the company and the position you are interviewing for.

You should know:

  • What the company does.
  • What the company sells.
  • Who the President/owner/CEO is wouldn’t hurt.
  • What your position entails.

2. Dress appropriately.

Do you know what the dress code is at the company and for the position you are applying for? This is a very important aspect of the interview process, so make sure you are prepared.

Being overdressed is sometimes okay, but if you show up too overdressed for the position or the company than the interviewer may wonder why you weren’t more prepared. Being under-dressed is usually worse than as it shows that you aren’t professional enough for the position.

3. Know exactly where the interview is.

Back when I was interviewing after college, I would always make sure to drive to the interviewer’s office if there was any chance that I was not absolutely sure where the office was. This made me feel much more comfortable when interviewing because I knew I wouldn’t be late for an interview.

4. Practice common interview questions.

I ALWAYS suggest that everyone practice common interview questions as much as they can. You can usually do a simple Google search and find many, many articles that should be able to help you out.

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5. Bring copies of everything you need.

Lastly, don’t forget anything at home. If the interviewer has asked for specific paperwork or proof, always make sure to bring it.

Also, don’t forget to bring extra copies of your resume. Even if the interviewer doesn’t mention that you need to bring them, you definitely should as you never know if they have misplaced your resume or if there is an extra interviewer that joins in on the interview at the last moment.

How do you prepare for an interview?


How To Set Yourself Apart From Other Interviewees

How To Set Yourself Apart From Other IntervieweesInterviews can be a stressful process. Even if you are great at interviews and/or if you think you are perfect for the job, you may still not actually be receiving any job offers.

So, what do you do when this happens?

You need to start setting yourself apart from everyone else who is interviewing for the same positions as you are. If everyone is very similar, then little (or sometimes big) things can go a long way and earn you the job. You may have to start putting in more effort to land that job, but if you really want a job then it can be well worth it.

Not giving your full effort when applying for jobs is just a waste of everyone’s time anyways. 🙂

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Here are my tips to set yourself apart from other interviewees.

Understand what the company does.

Before you go into an interview, you should always understand what a company does. You should know what they sell, what they make, what their mission is, and what exactly you would be doing in your position. Most of this information can easily be found online with just simple online searches and/or reading the company’s website.

I promise it’s not that hard, yet so, so, so many people completely skip this part.

Attend events the company manages or ones they go to.

If you really, REALLY want a certain position, then you may have to go further out of your way. You may want to attend different events that the company may manage or events they often attend that you are suitable for. This way you can network and when you finally do have an interview, you can ask one of these people if they will refer you.

I did this when I was in college. The company I really wanted to work at was a part of a mentoring program and many people fought for their mentoring spots because it was a great way to network with people who already worked at the company.

Yes, they will judge the first few moments when they meet you.

Whether you like prejudgment or not, everyone does it. Those first few seconds and minutes when you meet your interviewer or interviewers are very important and they can go a very long way, or if can make your interview turn the wrong way.

You should make sure you have a firm handshake, you are on time, you smile, you smell decent, your hair is brushed, your hands are not dirty, you say hello and are polite, your clothing matches what someone would wear if they worked at the company, and more.

What interview tips do you have for interviewees to set themselves apart? What do you always make sure to do during an interview?


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