Niche Website Ninja Strategy: Create and Rent Out Website Space to Local Businesses

The Internet is one gigantic huge frontier for creative and new business opportunities. Although it is flooded with rehashed website models and business structures – there is still always room for something new and innovative. One great thing about today’s world – if you’re an Internet marketing entrepreneur is that there is an everlasting supply of local businesses that are in need of a web site, Internet marketing services, or both.

For local businesses, the web sites have basically become their sales team, and you as their Internet marketing servicing provider will become their sales person – and local businesses live and die with their sales.

It is great when you can find a company that wants you to work on their SEO for their local business’s web site. Usually this web site has the companies name as their domain name, and usually, if you can find a good client, you will get paid pretty well. But the real money doesn’t come when you are working on somebody else’s website – it comes when you create your own niche website and rent it out to to business owners.

The Strategy

Choosing a Niche(s) and a Domain Name(s): This is what is going to guide you and give you direction. Your strategy is going to be heavily based on what domain names are available. Once upon a time domain names for city/service or city/product keyword combinations were widely available. This is not the case anymore however for the common niches like dentistry and attorneys as many people caught on to the tactics I am describing in this article and started hoarding city/service and city/product domain names. You can still find these domain names for sale, but they are expensive – although sometimes still worth the cost.

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