Trend That Home Builders Profit From, Big Time!

By profession, the home builders have that magic wand of turning the dreams of people into reality…in fact, the home builders cater to the realty business to turn the fascinating reveries of the millions into reality… They are updated with the trends and well versed with human instincts and the trapeze of emotional crest and trough which makes them a pro in showcasing the property in a very alluring way. But to be very honest …no lunch is complimentary…no services are free and everything has a cost to it and youScreen Shot 2015-01-13 at 10.42.14 AM need to pay for it…it’s just the package which they offer which may appear lucrative with discounts, but all the costs are actually included in it

Pre – launch of the projects

The magnanimity of the developers is determined by the number of apartments sold by him on the day of launch. Now a days, the branded developers like Chordia group Property in Pune would go for a pre – launch of the properties with alluring discounts to ensure that the movement of the inventory. Pre – launch runs for a limited time with attractive discounts. Through this the developers sell the under constructed apartment by calculating the future value of the project and they definitely keeps a good margin on each sale…

Exotic launch of the projects

Since the launch of every real estate project is like flaunting of status for them to ensure good buyers, they really make it look big… For example, to draw the attention of the buyers who are looking for new projects in Pune, they ensure that the launch happens in an outlandish way with all the media and press people around to cover the event. Even some developers opt for celebrity endorsements too for infusing a feel good factor…but, definitely all these has a profit statement to it and yes…the buyers actually incur it…

Amenities and Life Style Quotient of the Property

A property offering you a good life style amenities like swimming pool, gymnasium, jogging track etc. definitely gets marketed at a higher price and now people don’t mind to pay the extra premium for an enhanced life – style. Even the locational advantage adds to it too…

Branded Properties

This is one of the trump cards, played by the developers. For instance, a branded property always promises better returns and the trustworthiness which has been earned by any brands can actually make them augment  the gap between the revenue and the super revenue margins. Associating with the brands is also an attainment of self – actualization of all the buyers irrespective of the fact that whether it is a first or second home

Everyone dreams to wake up in the lap of extravagance with the shimmer of opulence and surrounded by angels and fairies to pamper with morning tea and treat delicious breakfast…Well this is an extreme feeling, but trust me, the one who has bought his own house he really feels the same and treat himself/herself as King/Queen…and come may be any developer…everyone instill this feeling into the buyer…and that’s the Big Time for both the sides…and it’s a win – win situations…

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