The Best Finance Apps Out There

Are you trying hard to be awesome with your money? Having a phone and downloading certain apps can help. Smart phones are a great invention. Until recently, I tried to buck the trend and had a phone that I couldn’t download apps with. Once I got my smart phone, such as t-mobile, a couple of years ago, I was immediately hooked.

It made life so much easier. I am able to do so many things from my phone and I can do everything on the go now.


Mint is a great app if you are looking to help your finances. You can keep track of all of your accounts and keep track of your budget. The app will warn you via email or text if you are approaching a financial category so that you do not go over. You can easily manage your finances with Mint and I highly recommend their app!


I love my PayPal app. It helps me manage my business and personal accounts and doesn’t make me have to run to a computer when I want to look up a payment or send a payment.

The PayPal app makes it much easier to run your business from your phone, which can be a lifesaver if you are on the go or on a vacation.

Did you forget about a payment at the last second? The PayPal app can be extremely helpful in this instance when you are not able to get to a computer.

Google Wallet

I don’t have Google Wallet, but I have heard great things about this app. The other day I was at a restaurant and saw someone pay with their phone, so I just HAD to ask what they were doing and how they were doing it. Low and behold this person talked to me and my significant other for probably 5 to 10 minutes and couldn’t stop bragging about it. It sounds like a great app to have!

The Google Wallet app is Google’s mobile payments service for certain Android phones.

The app works by communicating with special payment pads at certain retailers (certain McDonalds has this). All you do is tap your phone on the pad and your payment goes through.  It is super easy to use!

What are your must have financial apps for your phone?


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