Working Online – Positives and Negatives

macbook-690276_640Working online has become a new way to work instead of going to an office. As the world is becoming focused on internet and staying connected online, it’s becoming more and more easier to work online, which means you can work anywhere and anytime.

Positives of working online.

1. You get to work at home. For me personally, I love working at home. I love being able to stay around family members and getting other tasks done when I need to. You get to spend quality time with the people you love. If you have children, this is especially convenient because you don’t have to hire a nanny or babysitter which would require work finding someone who you will trust with your children. You will also save money on hiring a nanny and we all love saving money!

2. You get to pick your schedule. This is probably my favorite part about working online because I no longer have to follow a strict schedule of waking up at the crack of dawn. I’m not much of a morning person and because of that I’ve spent a lot of money on picking up coffee in the mornings that I didn’t wake up early enough to make my own coffee.

3. No commute to work, saving time and money on gas and car expenses. People travel up to 0-2 hours for work and I even know of a person who travels 1.5 hours to a different state to work. So her total commute time is 3 hours of working! I’m not a fan of driving so whenever I did have to commute to work, I made sure it was less than 30 minutes each way. One time I had to drive 45+ minutes for a job that lasted 3 hours, but they paid for driving so that made up for it.

4. You can travel since you work online. Since you have no place to be, you have the ability to travel wherever you want to go. All you have to do is make sure you are budgeting right and not wasting a bunch of money on items you don’t have money for.

Negatives of working online.

1. You can get easily distracted at home. It can even become more distracting if you have kids and pets to take care of. You also have to find ways to keep your kids distracted while you are working and you also might have to find someone to watch your kids while you work.

2. You aren’t in a work environment, therefore you might work less or stop working often since no one is watching you. When I first started working online, I noticed it was a lot less stressful, but it was also harder to stay on track of my work. I would get easily distracted, but it was because I had so many items distracting me. I had to lay out everything that was distracting me and find ways to make my working area work well for me.

3. Depending on your job, there can be a fluctuation of income. You won’t be getting a steady income as you would at a job out in the corporate world. This can create issues for some people but you have to find solutions to work around this.

What other positives and negatives do you find with working online? Do you agree with what I mentioned?


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