Work Benefits and Perks To Negotiate For

When most people think about obtaining a new job, the main area many seem to be worried about is salary negotiating. However, there are many other areas you might want to think about negotiating for. Salary can be important, but other benefits can be key in managing a good work life balance and a happy life.

Work Benefits and Perks To Negotiate ForA flexible schedule.

A flexible schedule is something that more and more workers seem to be asking for these days. A flexible schedule could consist of many different types of schedules.

You might ask to fit your 40 hour work week into four days instead of the usual five. You might ask if your hours can vary from day to day (but still working the minimum amount that you are paid to work), or varying your lunch time as well.


Telecommuting is also an area that is being fought for more. People want to be able to work from home and not make the commute to work each day.

You can save money on gas each day, make all of your own meals, and avoid time being spent on getting ready for work. It may even save you money on clothing because you won’t need a bunch of work clothing.

More vacation time.

Vacation time is the reason why I work for myself. I didn’t want to be bound by limited vacation time. However, it is a benefit that you could negotiate for. Ask for more days if you want more vacation time! Sometimes it may need to be unpaid (see below), but you will have to determine if that is worthwhile to you or not.

I once had a job where we didn’t get ANY vacation time, unpaid or paid. It was pretty horrible…

Unpaid time off.

Okay, you might think this one doesn’t make any sense, but it does! What if you wanted to take a long trip (a month or more), but want to be able to come back to your job after you are done?

I have seen this happen many times. People regret their past because they didn’t do some awesome traveling or reach a life goal because their job was in the way. They didn’t want to quit their job in order to do this, so instead they lived in regret.

Health benefits.

Does this employer offer good health benefits? Do they offer health benefits at all for your position? What about dental or vision insurance? These are all things you may want to think about negotiating for.

Have you ever negotiated for something other than salary? What happened?


Image via Flickr by ben124

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