Why Saving For Retirement Is Important Even If You Love Your Job

Why Saving For Retirement Is Important Even If You Love Your JobRecently, I read about someone who stated that they didn’t care about retirement and didn’t care about saving for retirement because they loved their job oh so much. That made me laugh and also scared because even though they claimed they loved it, they only worked one day per week (this person makes hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with just that one day per week).

So, if this person loved it so much, they could definitely have just started working TWO days a week and would be able to save twice as much money. Also, the fact that this person only worked one day a week, really made me think that they do not in fact love their job as much as they think they do.

Anyway, even if you did love your job an insane amount, saving for retirement is still important. Planning and saving for retirement does not have to be hard, you can even find global wealth management advice online. There are many reasons for why you should still save, which I will be discussing below:

You might come across a medical issue.

Even though no one likes to think that they are unhealthy, something may happen to you in the future that could never be possibly planned. This might prevent you from working, and if it does then having retirement funds saved up is a wise idea.

You might find that you don’t love your job in the future.

No matter how much you love your job now, it is hard to say what you will think about it down the line. You could actually hate it later.

You might want to change course and focus on something else.

You might still enjoy your job later on, but doing something for decades can eventually get boring. You may decide to focus more time on family, travel the world, volunteer, and so on.

You can’t predict the future.

In the end, you just cannot realistically predict the future. You never know how you may feel about things 3o, 40, 50 years down the line, so it is best to save for retirement, especially if you have the means to do so.

Are you currently saving for retirement? Why or why not?


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