Why Reviews Are Important to Get Your eBook Out There

Are you looking to write a book? Maybe an eBook? One important part of writing an eBook is to get your name and book idea out there. Well, how do you do that? Getting valuable customers to write true reviews can be very helpful!

Prospective customers.

What’s one of the first things that you do before you buy a book? Usually you look for reviews. I mean how else do you find out about a book? You are either searching for it and read reviews, or someone personally tells you about it.

When your potential customer/reader finds your book on Amazon, he or she does several things. They will glance over at the cover image on your eBook, they will read the content description, they will look to see how many stars your eBook has earned, and so on. This person will most likely also read the reviews on your eBook.

Why Reviews Are Important to Get Your eBook Out There


It’s important to also note that most potential readers/customers won’t even click on a book unless it has some sort of star rating and review, so it is important that you get some positive reviews up fairly quickly when your eBook is live.

Don’t write reviews yourself.

Something that everyone wonders when they read a review is whether or not the review is even real. I know we have all wondered it. And whenever I see an obviously fake review, I almost always assume that everything is fake and that the product must obviously not be good if they have to pay someone to leave a review.

So, when you are looking to gain reviews on your eBook, do not by any means WRITE THEM YOURSELF. There are so many negatives to this. If someone finds out, it just makes you look really bad. That’s not how you want to start out your career as a writer, correct?

Instead of writing reviews yourself, provide a free copy of your book to a few people that you can trust to provide valuable reviews and comments and ask them to post their reviews on Amazon or other sites in which your eBook might be sold. They may feel inclined to give you the highest possible rating–but ask them to refrain, unless the book is really superior; again, browsers can tell when a review has been planted.

What you’re looking for are honest assessments which will tell your readers that this book is worth their money. Hopefully, new readers will add their own positive reviews to join them.

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