Tips for your Etsy Shop

Starting your own store where you can sell your crafts is a dream for many. There are tons of articles out there about selling on Etsy, but what about specifics about your store and being successful with selling crafts in your own store?

Be sure to read our past post on everything that you need to know about starting your own Etsy shop.

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Make sure that you have great and effective pictures of your products.

Pictures are very important when it comes to selling items online. When was the last time that you bought something without seeing a single picture of it? Not many people would buy something unless they have seen something.

When it comes to crafts and Etsy, it is very important to have great pictures as it helps a potential client completely visualize what they are buying. When it comes to crafts, you never know unless there is a picture included!

Your photos of your products are very important. Make sure to have at least a somewhat decent camera and take clear pictures of the product. Try to take a picture from every angle as well. You might even want to include props so that customers can see how they can use your product and pair it with other items.

Set up an attractive Etsy shop for your products.

Dream up an easy-to-remember name that reflects the your brand.  A name may be hard to come up with but make sure not to stress out too much about it. It should just come to you!

Give thought to your shop’s arrangements.  Etsy offers you the option of organizing your shop into sections; take full advantage of this feature and make it easy for your customers to look at your wares and find what they’re looking for.

For each product, provide thorough descriptions, including measurements, care instructions, gift suggestions, materials and interesting facts. Remember you’re not there to talk to the customer; try to anticipate buyer questions and add some personality to provide a sense of personal contact.

Describe your products correctly.

To make your shop stand out amid all of your competitors, choose suitable tags that will describe your products in the most effective and efficient way possible. Use these tags to indicate color, size, use, style, vintage, materials, and other specific details so that customers can find your product more easily.

After all, if you’re selling stuffed felt owls, you want to attract people looking for just that. Take advantage of the “Top Three” feature, in which the most recent three items you’ve listed show up next to your avatar when you appear in other sellers’ favorites lists.  Potential customers browsing these lists will be drawn to your store by these displays.

Set effective pricing for your products.

Finally, offer several price points in your store. Price your crafts fairly, of course, and don’t undersell–but don’t price every potential buyer out of your market. After all, the customer who can only afford a low-end headband may, if she likes your work, return for that hand-woven bed spread when she gets a raise. Never underestimate the power of a wish list and payday!

Have you ever thought about starting your own Etsy store?


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