Tips For When You Need To Fire Someone

This isn’t a topic that everyone wants to talk about. Of course, most business owners would hope for the best workers, and never having to fire someone. Who actually wants to fire a person?

Here are my tips to let someone go while also keep the dignity of yourself and the person intact.

Be polite.

However you decide to fire someone, try to be as polite as you can be. However, sometimes someone in the conversation may get angry. You should try to keep your cool. You should also try to make sure that there is another person there so that you have a witness. You never know what may happen or what may be said.

Tips For When You Need To Fire Someone

If you know that everything is going downhill, then it may be a good idea to share that with your workers.

In some cases, I completely understand why not disclosing business problems with your employees may not be a good idea. They might stop working for you completely, or their work ethic may go downhill. However, if you know that the business will close in one month, then you might want to tell your workers so that they can begin looking for something else.

Don’t text them.

Show respect for the people who work for you. Don’t send a text message the day after Christmas and say that they shouldn’t come to work because everyone has been laid off. You might think this is crazy, but someone was recently telling me that this happened to them. Crazy, right? If you don’t want to be fired a certain way, then you should probably hold the same respect for someone else.

Have the employee leave.

When you are firing someone, and you have a good reason, then you should have the employee leave immediately. You don’t want them to do something and potentially ruin the company.

Have documents.

Make sure you keep everything well documented for why they were fired. And, KEEP all of these documents. Don’t assume that just because they are gone, that you won’t need them anymore.

What tips do you have for letting someone go?


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