Should you blog for money?

Blogging is a lot of fun. There are tons of positives of blogging, and you should start one today! When it comes to online money-making ideas you have to ask yourself what actually has the potential to make money, and what is a big fat waste of time.

Many people start blogs for many different reasons. Not everyone wants to make money with a blog, so you should determine that for yourself as well.


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How do you make money with a blog?

You can make money with a blog pretty much the same way as any other broadcast medium makes money. Let’s consider the analogy of a television show. First, the studio produces a show. The equivalent in the blogging world is that you create great content that generates a lot of “viewers”. Next, the television studio will try to increase the number of viewers, and as a blogger, you would try to increase the traffic to your site.

Finally, when the show is broadcast, either it is aired with ads, or it is made a premium paid show. You could do the same with your blog, ie, display ads or encourage people to sign up for paid ‘premium’ content. You might have advertising or advertising or affiliate links on your blog. Maybe even something else as well on your blog.

As a blogger, you do not need to spend a truck load of money to create your content, and you have many more options to earn income from the blog such as inserting links to websites in your blog, or selling stuff for commission. Stay tuned, and we will bring you all the intimate details of how to create the killer content, how to generate a ton of traffic, and most importantly, how to make money from your blog.


What Does it Take To Be a Blogger?

Well, first of all, you need to create a blog. This means that you have to find a niche that works (preferably one that you’re passionate about), build a website around it, and create content that people will want to read and subscribe to read again.

Then there is the business end of it, where you find the best methods to monetize your blog, and implement it. Blogging is actually pretty fun, and can be as entertaining, intelligent, witty, interesting, odd, unique, or all out funny as you want it to be. You can write about anything you love and make money doing it.

Do you have a blog? Is your goal to make money with it?

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