Should You Become a Mystery Shopper?

I have been mystery shopping for a couple of years now, and whenever I tell someone about it, they always have many questions. I know, I understand, I was the same way before I realized that you could actually make money from mystery shopping!

There are many positives of mystery shopping, and today I will be listing those! Mystery shopping is definitely not a get-rich quick scheme, and you may not be able to make enough to quit your day job (don’t worry those, most cannot), but it can be a nice way to make some extra money on the side.


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You can get things for cheap, or FREE.

One positive of mystery shopping is that you can get items for free.  Who doesn’t like free things? However, there are some downsides. If you have to drive a very long way to get something for free, are you really getting it for free? This is something to think about when you are signing up for mystery shops.

Every now and then, there are some really awesome mystery shops through the company that I use. My favorite is the $100 nice dinner for completely free.

The extra money is nice.

Like I said earlier, making a lot of money from mystery shopping would be very hard. For a lot of shops though, you can get free items, and some reimbursement for your time for some mystery shops.

There is a flexible schedule.

When mystery shopping, you can make your own schedule. You usually can complete a mystery shop within a period of a couple of days, or you can complete it within a certain about of time.

You can sign up for the mystery shops that you want to do.

You don’t have to sign up for mystery shops that you don’t want to. You can sign up for what you want to and the days that you want. Different people like to do different mystery shops. For me, I prefer to mainly only do mystery shops that give me free nice dinners or free makeup. I also like doing mystery shops for stores that I already shop at.

So, this means that I hardly ever sign up for mystery shops at places that I don’t care about. However, some people sign up for all types of mystery shops, it’s all up to you! And that is what is great about mystery shopping. You can do what you want.

Have you thought about mystery shopping? Why or why not?


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