Save Money On Your House Move With Shiply

Moving house is an expensive task, especially if you are still a student or just finished your studies. The bills can climb up on you and push you even further into debt.

Sometimes moving is inevitable, whether you are moving home or relocating for work, it is a stressful task that takes a lot of time and money.

However, there are always you can save money and moving house is no different. Read on for 4 simple ways you save money on your house move.

Try Shiply: This is a delivery comparison website where you can get free quotes all directly to your inbox. The aim of Shiply is to allow for courier services to fill up empty vans which in turn is both kind to the environment and your pocket. It is up to 75% cheaper than most offline companies. Shiply works like eBay where you can read the transports company’s feedback from previous customers and compare it to give you a clear idea of the type of service you could get. 

Packing: Some companies will offer a packing service so make sure to ask about it if you need help. This can save you time and money on sourcing boxes and packing material. If you do plan on packing yourself only take what you need, the less stuff you have the less it will cost you. You can buy boxes in bulk from websites like Amazon.

Buy second hand: When we move into a new place we often need new items unexpectedly such as kitchen utensils, furniture, lamps etc. But not everything has to be bought new. Save yourself a ton of money and source some of these items second hand both on and offline. There are so many online options available to find great bargains for example Craigslist, Amazon and eBay. If you are not a fan of shopping online and don’t want the hassle of it then, try local yard sales, classified ads and charity stores. You’ll be surprised what you find, most items just need a bit of tender loving care to look new again.

Do it yourself: When it comes to cleaning do it yourself. It’s not rocket science save yourself the cash and get scrubbing. When leaving your current place, you often won’t get your deposit back until after an inspection has taken place so you need to absolutely scrub every surface. If you are short on time or not the best at cleaning, rope in help.

Preparation is key give yourself time and plan everything at least 3 weeks in advance. The later you leave things the more stressed you will be and the more corners you will cut which in turn will cost you money.

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