Teaching Excellence: 10 Qualities of a Great Tutor

If you have expertise in any particular field, teaching private classes is one of the best money making ideas for you. As with all the ideas we discuss, your success at how much money you can make depends entirely on the quality of service you provide. Provide the best damn quality possible and you will have people queuing up to come learn from you.

Here is the list of the 10 qualities of a great tutor. Try to master as many of these as possible, in addition to your field of expertise, and you will find success knocking on your doors in the form of a many, many new students begging you to take them on.

#1 Patience

Any teacher will tell you that one of the most important qualities that they practice daily is patience. Being patient is important not only because each person learns at a different pace, but there are some students that will test every ounce of your patience- have you ever seen Dangerous Minds or To Sir with Love? Sometimes, the most trying student is the one that has the most potential. If you find yourself with a difficult student, stick with it, have patience, and be the best tutor you can be.

#2 Skill

Believe it or not this had to be on the list because it isn’t obvious to everyone. Despite what you thought about your junior high science teacher, teaching and tutoring requires skill. If you plan to make money tutoring people in math, you’d better have a knack for math. If you plan to tutor someone in piano, you should probably be able to read sheet music. Bottom line, you have to know what you plan to teach, and you have to know it well enough to be considered an ‘expert’ in that particular field. If you don’t you should learn how at takelessons.com or from a local tutor.

#3 Ability to Teach

Money Making Ideas: Qualities of a Great TutorYes, this is another duh, but not everyone who wants to tutor for money has the ability to teach. When it comes to tutoring, the ability to teach is basically the ability to share information in a way that others will learn, grasp the concepts, understand the input…they have to get what you’re saying. If you stutter, speak way above their comprehension level (use big words with a 2nd grader), or cannot completely understand and relay specific information, you should consider another money making idea.


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#4 Ability to Put People at Ease

This is an important quality because if people aren’t comfortable around you they aren’t going to be able to learn much from you. If you are able to put people at ease, make them comfortable, get them on friendly yet professional terms, and keep them at ease enough to learn then you are ahead of the game. Many times tutors think that they have to act like stuffy PhDs or drill sergeants, but their students can never get past the feeling of inequality and formality. Be cool – and you will be able to attract and retain a lot more students.

#5 Maturity

Maturity is an important quality for obvious reasons. Parents will not trust their children with you if you are impolite, tell rude jokes, laugh inappropriately, cannot pay attention, talk about inappropriate things (a 4th grade girl doesn’t need to know about the binder you had last weekend with 2 chicks from Hooters), or basically act like someone they would never allow around their child. If you are immature chances are you will be fired and have to give them their money back. Note that maturity has nothing to got with your age, and everything to do with how you carry yourself.

#6 Persistence

Being persistence is an important quality for a great tutor because sometimes your students don’t want to learn or just cannot seem to get what you’re trying to teach them. Most students have a weakness in certain subjects (which is why they need to hire a tutor in the first place) or are complete beginners when learning a new skill, so being persistent and continuing to teach them despite their continued issues or failure is a key component to success. Be warned, there are some students that just don’t care. In these cases persistence means being pushy and getting your way despite how hard things get.

#7 Commonsense

Alright, basic commonsense is an important quality because, well, commonsense is useful no matter what you do. Beyond that, when you work with different students from different walks of life with different expectations, you will need a whole lot of commonsense to deal with the different situations that arise on a daily basis.

#8 Morality

If you’re a fan of Law & Order: SVU, chances are that you’ve seen an episode in which a teacher, tutor, nanny, or piano teacher has gotten themselves into a sticky situation with their student either through inappropriate conversations, inappropriate actions, or all out sexual contact. This is an absolute no-no in tutoring. If you are tutoring underage students, you need to be above reproach. That means that you always tutor with the door open or in a room with other people if possible. Never let the conversation deviate into intimate or far too personal topics. Never touch the student as far as possible. Never ever hug, kiss, rub, hold hands, or wink at your students. You may mean only innocent things, but some students may form incorrect conclusions that can get you into serious trouble.

#9 Good Hygiene

This is something that a lot of people overlook, but if your French tutor had a breath smelling like French onions, how long would you last in that French class? If you smell, look unkempt, or lack proper oral hygiene you won’t get many or any students. The thought here is that if you aren’t capable of taking care of your own basic needs how can you teach someone else anything with any kind of authority. Also, if you stink (literally!), no one is going to want to be in close contact with your for very long, period.

#10 Passion

Passion in anything is important. If you want to be a great tutor, you need to have a passion for your subject. You need to have a love for what you teach, how you teach it, and those you teach. You want your students to feel that their success is important to you, and that what you’re teaching them is important.

Offering private classes and/or tutoring is one of the most noble money making ideas that we have on our list. If you have the skill, the qualities, and the time to be a tutor then jump in with both feet and make some money doing something that truly helps others.


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