Pricing a Website to Sell Part 1

Selling a website can be difficult. Websites and blogs haven’t been around for ages, so there are not many experts in the industry of buying and selling websites. Many people who try to sell their websites have varying ideas of how they should be priced. Just take a look at sites such as Flippa, where you can buy and sell websites. You will quickly see the vast differences in pricing, which can be very confusing.

If you are like most website owners, then you have probably put a great deal of time into building your website. You might put part-time hours into it, or you might be working 40 hours a week on it and treating it like a full-time job.

This is where pricing a website can be tricky, since you have put so much time into it. You might be very emotionally connected to it, which makes you think that selling it for a high price is justified. Don’t worry, sometimes your thinking is correct, but there are also many other factors to think about when pricing your website as well.

So, how does a person determine what to sell their website for? What are buyers looking for?

The answer? Think about supply and demand. What a buyer is willing to pay is all about their demand for it.


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Your Site Statistics

Your site’s statistics are important to think about. Many website buyers will look into this, as they want to know what kind of website they are buying, and what type of readership engagement there is.  Site statistics such as Page Rank, Moz, Domain Authority, Page Authority and so on are also good for website buyers to know about because these numbers may interest potential advertisers as well.

  • Page views – How many page views do you tend to receive each day? How about each month? How many have you received in the past year?
  • Unique visitors – Page views are important, but how many unique visitors do you receive as well?
  • Number and quality of backlinks – A high number of backlinks may sound great, but are these of good quality?
  • Visitor demographics – Who visits/reads your blog? Women, men, young adults?
  • Page rank – There hasn’t been a Page Rank update since February of 2013, but this is still important.
  • Organic and direct traffic – Show numbers and percentages for these.


Your Annual Revenue

How much does your website already make? You should list out the different ways your website makes money, and how much comes from each area. Sometimes buyers buy websites between one to three times of their websites’ annual revenue. However, many people do not count direct advertising as a part of this since it is not sustainable, so you need to think about that as well.

Have you ever tried to sell a website? What factors above matter the most to you?


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