Pricing a Website to Sell Part 2

Selling your website can be difficult, especially if you have never done it before. Websites and blogs haven’t been around for very long, so there are not many experts in the industry of buying and selling websites and how to exactly price them. Many people who try to sell their websites have varying ideas of how they should be priced.

Just take a look at sites such as Flippa, where you can buy and sell websites. You will quickly see the vast differences in pricing, which can be very confusing. When pricing a website, you should not just place a random number on it and hope that it sells. There should be some logic behind it, and the thought process should be laid out because the buyer will most likely want to know how you reached your number.

Pricing a Website to Sell

If you are similar to most website/blog sellers, then you have might have put a good amount of time into building your website. You might put only 5 hours a week into it, or you might be working 40 hours a week on it and treating it like a full-time job of yours. This is where pricing a website can be more difficult, because you have put so much time into it that you may feel that a higher price is deserved. You might also be very emotionally connected to it, which makes you think that selling it for a high price is justified. Don’t worry, sometimes your thinking is correct, but there are also many other factors to think about when pricing your website as well.

So, how does a person determine what to sell their website for? What are buyers looking for?

The answer? Think about supply and demand. What a buyer is willing to pay is all about their demand for it.


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Your Operating Costs

Usually websites are very cheap to maintain and run, however it is something to think about.
The lower your site’s maintenance costs, in either time or fees, the more attractive it will be, and the more you will be able to earn from the sale.

The Quality of the Website

There are many websites out there for sale that are not of good quality. Low quality websites obviously do not sell for as much as high quality websites. Be honest with where your website stands, as you can sell your website much more quickly if you price your website correctly.

The Domain of the Website

Some domains are the sole reason for why a person may buy a website. Do you have a fantastic and catchy domain name that many people are looking for?

The Niche of the Website

What niche is the website that you are trying to sell in? Is it a website about blogging, personal finance, traveling, lifestyle, parenting, or something else? Different website niches are priced differently and this needs to be thought about as well. You can compare the pricing for similar websites in the same niche as you in order to get a good idea for what websites in your niche go for.

Have you ever tried to sell a website? What factors above matter the most to you?


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