Offering Private Lessons: A Guaranteed Way to Make Money from Your Passion

Making money has been the goal of everyone since man first realized that his work should bring reward. Unfortunately, making money in modern times is sometimes just as difficult as it was when cars were pulled by donkeys. And more often than not, quite as boring. But what if there was a guaranteed way to make money that lets you keep on doing whatever you are passionate about? Offering private lessons, in whatever you are good at, is one of those passionate money making ideas that allows you do just that.

Offering private classes involves taking something you’re really good at doing and teaching it to other people, for a fee. More often then not, people search for a tutor when they are struggling with some type of subject material. If you’re really great in math, you can offer math tutoring to students of all ages. If you’re a violin prodigy, you can offer violin lessons for beginners. If you can fly kites well, you can teach kite flying, or kite making. You get the idea. Honestly, if you’re good at it, you can teach it and earn money by charging for private lessons.

What Does it Take?

In order to determine if offering private lessons is one of the money making ideas that works for you, you need to ask yourself three simple questions

  • Are you really good at something?
  • Can you teach it in a way people will be excited to learn?
  • Are there people interested in learning it?

If you answered “yes” to all three question, then you must start offering private lessons. It would be a sin not to! On the other hand, if you answered “yes” to the first but are doubtful about the other two, then I would highly recommend that you give it a shot anyway. You may be a lot better at teaching people than you imagine – you will never know unless you try. At first, even if you are not very good at teaching, with time and practice, you could get good at it. Finding people interested in learning your skill, is all about marketing it correctly. Read through our Success Tips section, and trust me, you will be good at it in no time.

What Can You Teach?

Money Making Ideas: Offer Private LessonsJust about anything, actually! There are tons of things that people are willing to pay money to learn.

  • In music, people are willing to pay for private lessons on pretty much any instrument, vocal coaching, and even how to read a simple sheet of music.
  • In languages, people are willing to pay to learn English, Mandarin Chinese, French, and other international business languages.
  • In general studies, people are willing to pay for Math tutors, English tutors, Science tutors etc. Also, people are willing to pay for tutors to help them study for exams like the ACT, SAT, etc.
  • In crafts, you can teach painting, knitting, jewelry making, wood work etc.
  • In sports, you can teach swimming, fishing, soccer, basketball, etc.
  • In fitness you can teach yoga, pilates, Lamaze, dieting and nutrition etc.
  • You could also teach cooking, home staging, meditation, time management… the list just goes on!

Heck, the other day I heard on a podcast that an enterprising young guy made $30 per hour by offering private lessons on how to play Halo. If someone can earn money by teaching how to play video games, couldn’t you teach whatever it is that you are good at and make some money through it?

How Much Money…?

When it comes to offering private classes, you can make serious money with very little investment. Most tutors or private teachers are found using word of mouth, ads in grocery stores, through online ads, or through the bulletin boards at schools. You only have to pay the price of the copy machine to print off fliers you can hang about town, or the price of the Facebook ad campaign. Not a lot of initial investment.

How much you make will depend again on what you wish to teach. As a private teacher you can charge whatever is considered “reasonable” for a specific class. What you make is up to what you charge and how many people you teach. Don’t charge so much that people can’t afford you, but don’t charge so little that you aren’t getting what you’re worth.


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The Pros

The pros of offering private classes are obvious; you can earn money, you can teach something you enjoy, and you can take on as little or as much work as you want. Also, because private classes are…private, you don’t have to do too much advertising, which means less cost for you in the beginning, but more returns for you once you actually start teaching or tutoring. Offering private classes is a money making idea that many people overlook because of how unsteady the work can get during certain seasons (summer when school is out, or winter when the pools are closed), but if you are versatile, you can offer private lessons in more than one area.

The Cons

Despite how wonderful working your own hours and choosing your own clients may be, there is a down side to offering private classes. The first con is that, as stated before, the work can be inconsistent, and unlike your work your bills come the same time every month whether you get paid or not. Also, you may be able to choose your students, but sometimes you can take on more than you can handle, like the one student who cannot sing on tune if their life depended on it- no matter what you do, they still sound like a drowning cat playing a clarinet on a running jackhammer.

All said and done, offering private classes, lessons, and tutoring sessions is a great way to make extra money. If you have something worth teaching (even if only in your opinion) go ahead and get started, and see where it takes you. If nothing else, the experience will turn you into a more rounded person!

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