Niche Website Ninja Strategy: Create and Rent Out Website Space to Local Businesses

The Internet is one gigantic huge frontier for creative and new business opportunities. Although it is flooded with rehashed website models and business structures – there is still always room for something new and innovative. One great thing about today’s world – if you’re an Internet marketing entrepreneur is that there is an everlasting supply of local businesses that are in need of a web site, Internet marketing services, or both.

For local businesses, the web sites have basically become their sales team, and you as their Internet marketing servicing provider will become their sales person – and local businesses live and die with their sales.

It is great when you can find a company that wants you to work on their SEO for their local business’s web site. Usually this web site has the companies name as their domain name, and usually, if you can find a good client, you will get paid pretty well. But the real money doesn’t come when you are working on somebody else’s website – it comes when you create your own niche website and rent it out to to business owners.

The Strategy

Choosing a Niche(s) and a Domain Name(s): This is what is going to guide you and give you direction. Your strategy is going to be heavily based on what domain names are available. Once upon a time domain names for city/service or city/product keyword combinations were widely available. This is not the case anymore however for the common niches like dentistry and attorneys as many people caught on to the tactics I am describing in this article and started hoarding city/service and city/product domain names. You can still find these domain names for sale, but they are expensive – although sometimes still worth the cost.

For your niche you will want to do a couple things in order to decide what to do with:

  • Research the competition: Who are you trying to outrank?
  • Figure out how much one potential client is worth to that business
  • What is the search volume for the city/service/product keyword phrase?
  • Who would your potential clients be?

Money Making Ideas: Niche Website Ninja StrategyAll of this can be very easily done with a simple keyword research tool like Market Samurai. The more a potential client is worth to a business the more a lead via phone is worth to them, which means the more you will be able to charge them to ‘rent’ out your website. For instance someone that needs a new roof is worth somewhere around $3,000.00 to a roofing company. Some businesses have it down to where they even know how much it is worth to them every single time the phone rings.

The domain name being an exact match is absolutely necessary. Without it you have a deal breaker. Why is it so necessary you ask?

Google puts a lot of weight in exact match domain names in terms of SEO and ranking factors in the SERPs. Although they have made efforts to decrease the worth of the exact match domain name on a national basis, owning the exact match domain gives you a huge advantage in the local market. This is because the competition for the keyword phrases is very low, and on a national platform the search volume for the keyword phrases would be considered very low.

City/Service and City/Product keyword phrases have some of the highest worth compared to the search volume and it is a ratio that can rarely be match.

Building Your Website(s) Out. Your domain name will give you the ability and the chance to rank very well with very little off-site SEO. Your link building will only really have to consist of 10-50 links obtained from local blogs, and quality paid link directories. However you’re on-site SEO will have to be flawless, and you will have to use many of the onsite tactics that you can find with a few Google searches in terms of proper keyword placement and density. You will also have to build a solid amount of pages – around 10-30. Of course the stronger your competition the better your off-site and on-site SEO will have to be.

The optimal way to do this is to aim for large metropolitan cities. Detroit is a good example as many domain names are still available at cost and it has a lot of highly populated suburbs. You will target the large city and then the 5-15 largest suburbs of that city. The suburbs should be very easy to rank for – you just want to make sure that the search volume is at least measurable using a keyword tool. If it isn’t then it probably isn’t worth it to build a website out using that city/service keyword combo for that city unless you find an optimal keyword phrase that you would like to use for the domain name through Google AdWords (which is what you would have to do if you targeted low populated areas instead of large cities).

After you have built a good number of websites, it’s time to continuously work on them here and there until they rank in the top three for their targeted keyword phrases. It should only take about 3-6 months for these websites to start getting some great rankings and after that it’s on you to find the clients!

Editor’s Note: If you plan to try this out, and have a budget set aside, you can get the best ROI when you invest in a keyword research tool like Market Samurai. It was one of the first things I purchased for my Internet Marketing arsenal. I had spent hours on free tools trying to find some good keywords. I kept reading rave reviews about Market Samurai on many sites, but wan’t sure if I was ready to spend on tools, yet. Finally, I decided to give the trial a shot – only because it was ahem, free. I frankly had no intention of buying. However, the ease of use and the amount of unexpected features (rank tracker, anyone?) really blew me away. I didn’t even wait until the trial period was over to buy it. Check out the trial version for yourself – its free; you have nothing to lose.
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