Networking Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Networking is a topic I talk about a lot here at GradMoneyMatters. There is a reason for that though, it is just so important!

Networking can help you find a job, it can help you find new friends, lead to business partnerships, new ideas, and more. Without networking, I don’t think the business world would be nearly as successful as it is today. Networking helps everyone find the best matches for what they need filled.

Networking Doesn't Have To Be HardBelow are my tips and different ways for you to network:

Have business cards.

If you want to network, then you should always have business cards. These aren’t expensive, and there are often deals for these on many of the business card websites. You may be able to get a few hundred business cards for less than $25.

If you are unsure about your creative skills when it comes to designing a business card, don’t worry about that either. There are many websites out there that have pre-designed cards where all you do is enter your information and you can leave all the creativity up to them.

Have a LinkedIn account.

This is probably one of the easiest things you can do to improve your chances of networking better. All you have to do is create a LinkedIn account and occasionally log in. Find some business contacts, update your profile, include a professional picture, and so on. This way if someone looks you up, you have an account and you are not just some mystery person who is not professional.

Attend conferences.

I personally love attending conferences. You can meet a lot of great people, it can be a lot of fun, and I always learn a lot of new ideas so that I can improve my own business.

It’s not all about you.

Networking is not all about you. I think this is something that many people get wrong. You should always try to give more than you receive, it’s just good karma that way.

You should also be genuine, try to smile as much as you can, and be friendly. Networking with a frown on your face probably won’t get you as far as when you have a smile on your face and you are happy.


This can be another great way to network. I know of many people who volunteered at an organized that they loved in their free time and eventually left their day job to work at a job that they loved.

How do you like to network? Is there a way that you dislike?


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