Negotiating When Flipping a Website

Flipping a website can be a new way for you to make money. However, there are not a lot of rules when it comes to flipping a website, so there are some things that you should know.

Are you beginning to negotiate with a serious buyer for your website? Below are a few things that you should try to remember.


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Valuing a Website.

Valuing a website can be difficult, since the item is not tangible and websites haven’t been selling for that long. However, there are other websites that have sold that you can compare yourself to. Do not undersell yourself. Do research and determine what the best price is for you, but still be realistic. Having a website is not always a money-maker. Even though you may have put 30 hours a week into your website for a full year, it does not mean that you will make a sale similar to a 30 hour week salary. Some websites only sell for a couple hundred dollars.

Negotiating When Flipping a Website

Being Honest.

When selling a website, make sure that you are completely honest. Do not make up fake income reports for the website. Also, do not fake your website statistics.

Be sure to mention the standard operating costs of running the website, such as any hosting fees that you pay, licensing, and other expenses that you pay weekly, monthly or annually.

Offer Your Services.

When flipping a website, sometimes the new owner may still need your help. You can offer your services in the sale package, such as saying that you can stay on and help the new owner for a week, month, or so on. You may also be able to charge an extra price, such as 50% of all revenues while you are helping. Yes, I have seen this happen, so it is possible.

During the transition process, the person or company who bought your website may also have questions. Make sure that you are available during this process.

Final Tips When Flipping a Website.

If you are unsure about who your buyer is, make sure to look them up. You may be able to find information about them. Also, make sure to get all of the details of the website transition and sale in writing, and sign a contract.

Have you ever bought or sold a website? What do you wish you would have known?


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