Negatives and Risks of Telecommuting For Your Job

Lately, we have been talking a lot about telecommuting. Telecommuting can be a godsend in a person’s life, or a person might even hate it. It really just depends on your personality and how you like to work.

Anyway, I recently published both of the articles Work Benefits and Perks To Negotiate For and Positives of Telecommuting For Your Job. However, what about the negatives of telecommuting?

There has to be at least a few negatives to telecommuting as well or else everyone would be fighting to be able to do it.

Negatives and Risks of Telecommuting For Your JobYou might feel lonely if you telecommute.

Working from home by yourself can feel lonely if you do not do it correctly. Since you’ll be home for pretty much the whole entire day every single day (unless you have a family), it can be easy to feel lonely.

You might have to find different ways to socialize with people so that you do not go crazy.

Plan lunch outings with friends, call loved ones, go outside, and more. You might even try working in a public place such as a park or a coffee shop too on certain days in order to branch out.

Telecommuting may not work with secure information.

If you work in a field that deals with secure information (maybe something like financial documents), you might not be able to work from home because there is a risk that information may leak. Information leaks could be due to insecure connections, hacking, and more.

Before you bring your work home, you should make sure that all sensitive information will be kept private.

Will you have a good work-life balance if you telecommute?

Working from home can be great and really amazing, however, will you have a good work-life balance? Many think it would be very easy to have a good work-life balance, but it’s really not that easy.

When working from home, it can be very easy to continue working and let it take over your life. This is because you can’t really “escape” work anymore since it will always be right next to you.

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Will you be able to motivate yourself to work when telecommuting for your job?

Working from home means that you need to motivate yourself to work. Seems easy enough, but with no one looking over your shoulder or telling you to complete a task, it can easy to get preoccupied with other things.

You might start eating more, watching an insane amount of TV, playing video games, and maybe even cleaning in order to escape work.

What other negatives do you think there are for telecommuting?


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  1. One of the biggest drawbacks is having to use your own office equipment – printer, telephone, internet connection etc. It al costs money and it adds up fast. Even if you receive a tax deduction it still wouldn’t cover the full cost

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