Mystery Shopping Scams

Mystery shopping can be a decent way to make money on the side. However, there are always many people out there trying to scam you, which is why many people think that all mystery shopping jobs are scams. However, they are not. They are plenty of real mystery shopping companies and jobs out there.

Here are some tips so that you can find legitimate mystery shopping jobs.

Know where to look.

There are many mystery shopping companies out there, and some of them may be fake. Do your research on mystery shopping companies. If you are still not sure, ask people who mystery shop directly. Of course, make sure that you can trust this person, but if you can, then you just found a good company that you can most likely count on.

Be realistic with mystery shopping and the money that you can possibly make.

Making thousands and being able to live purely off of mystery shopping is not very realistic. Most people don’t make a live-able wage from mystery shopping. For the most part, mystery shopping just helps you get products for free, such as free dinner or free lunch.

Mystery shopping also may sound easy, but usually it’s a very tedious process. Most of the time you are not answering just a couple of questions. For example, for a dinner mystery shop, you may be answering 10 pages full of questions.

Mystery Shopping Scams


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Be wary of mystery shop companies that make you pay.

I have done plenty of mystery shops. I have probably done over 100. And, in those 100 mystery shops, I have never once had to pay a dime before I was able to sign up for something. Yes, you have to buy the mystery shop items up front (such as dinner, the clothing item, etc.), but you should not have to pay in order to “qualify” for a mystery shop.

Have you ever done a mystery shop? Have you ever come across any scams?



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