200 Ways To Make Money Online


How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

If you are thinking about making money online, then one of the ways that may have crossed your mind might have been affiliate links. After you set up your website, buy the hosting, finished your website deign, and provided content, you may want to look to affiliate links as a way to make income.

One way that people start out with affiliate income is by using Amazon’s affiliate links. You find products that you can pitch on your website, and insert links to Amazon’s website.

An example is if you made a post about dog items. You might then insert links to certain dog items on Amazon’s website that you have used. Users can then click on your link and hopefully purchase an item on Amazon as well.

Usually the commission is around 4% to 10% of what the consumer buys. It is not a very large percentage, but if you have a lot of traffic then it can add up quickly.

How To Make Money As An Amazon Affiliate

Here are ways to make money as an Amazon affiliate.


Pitch products that are relative to what you are talking about.

If you have a website that is 100% about dogs, then pitching financial-related books is probably not something that would make any sense on your website. You should try to stick to topics/items that you familiar with, and that make sense for your website.

An example would be if you have a financial website. There are plenty of financial-related books, softwares, and so on that you could pitch.

You could possibly do a lot of other items because you could talk about how to budget better as well, and this could lead to pretty much anything (such as budgeting better by saving money on certain products).

Another example would be if you are a website that talks a lot about coupons and deals. You could link to products so that consumers can get the best bang for their buck.


Be trustworthy.

If you create a website and insert an Amazon affiliate link within every paragraph, then readers may be annoyed and might not even buy any of the products. You want your readers to trust you.

If they don’t trust you, then they probably will not click on your links and buy the items.


Traffic to your website is important.

If you do not have much traffic going to your website, then it may be hard to make money as an Amazon affiliate. This is because the more people who read your articles, the more of a chance that they will click on your link and buy an actual item.


Have you ever thought about making money as an amazon affiliate? What’s holding you back?


How To Make Money From Your Car

Have you ever thought about making money from your car? Cars are one of the biggest expenses in a person’s life, so it only makes sense that you may want to offset these high expenses by trying to make some money off your car.

Just think about it. Your expenses may be much higher than you think once you add it all up. You have to actually buy the car (and that can be expensive), then you have to pay for gas (many families spend around $300 to$400 per month on gas), maintenance such as oil changes and tires (oh boy, can tires be super expensive!), and when you sell it you usually do not get a return of any sort (for the most part, it is hard to sell a car for more than you paid for it).

If you are looking to make extra money, then trying to find ways to make money with your might be a good idea.


Place advertisements on your car.

I’ve heard of people placing advertisements directly on their cars for cash. You might cover your whole car, or you might cover just one door.


Rent your car to others.

Just like with Airbnb, there have been several websites and ideas about how to make money by renting your car. You can rent your car to others for an hour, a day, a week, a month or more.


Flip it.

If you are good with cars and know a good deal from a bad deal, then you might also be able to make money by buying and selling cars. Keep in mind that in most states (if not all), you will need a license for selling cars once you get over a certain amount.

Some states are as low as six, so definitely keep this selling limit in mind. However if you are looking to sell just a few cars, then you may be able to still turn this into a decent side job.


Have you ever thought about making money with your car? Why or why not?


Should You Advertise Your Company On Groupon?

The other day I received an email from a potential client asking if her company should use Groupon to advertise her business. It can be a hard decision. I’ve seen Groupon work very well for some companies, and then for others I have heard a few horror stories where Groupon did not help their company at all, and actually cost their company money.

Positives of advertising your company on Groupon:

You can attract a lot of new customers.

Groupon can really help get your name out there and have a lot of people buy your deal. Since your price will be lower, customers may be more willing to try your services out since there will be a discount.

You might make some money.

You might be able to sell a lot of your services and/or products which will hopefully lead to some sort of profit.

You might gain long-term customers.

If you advertise on Groupon, then a long-lost customer may find you. Maybe they never heard of you before you advertised on Groupon and they really enjoyed your services and/or products.


Should You Advertise Your Company On Groupon?

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Negatives of advertising your company on Groupon:

You can attract a lot of new customers.

Wait, this was on the positive side. How could this be a negative as well?

You might lose some money.

You have to pay 50% to Groupon. So if you advertise your service at a discount and charge these Groupon customer $10, then Groupon gets $5 and you get $5. So if you normally charge $20 for your service, then you are really only getting $5 which is a significant discount. Can you still make money with that discount?

You might only deal with bargain-hunters.

There is a chance that you may not gain very many long-term customers. A lot of people who use a Groupon may not be loyal to your services, and they may prefer to use a coupon every time. This is a risk that you will need to take.


Have you ever advertised your company on Groupon? Why or why not?


Different Ways to Advertise Your Business

When you start a new business, something important that you have to do is advertise your business. People can most likely only find you if you advertise your business in some form.

There are many ways to advertise your new business:

Have a website.

When someone searches your company online, they will most likely want to find something about you online. If they can find a professional looking and sounding website, this can then really help you. Whenever I can’t find a company that I want to use online, I wonder why they have no online track record. I like to have something that I can physically see and research!

Different Ways to Advertise Your Business

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Start a blog.

If you have a website, then you may want to think about starting a blog to go with your website. You can find someone who is an expert in your industry to write for you. There are many positives of this.

One positive is that it makes you look even more knowledgeable in your industry. Also, a future potential client may find the article on your blog before they actually find you. This is just an extra way to be found.

Engage in social media.

Do you have a Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest account? If not, then you probably want to think about getting all three. Engaging in social media can make you more personable to your clients and future clients, and it can also help drive clients to your website.

Advertise on Facebook.

Have you ever advertised on Facebook? At first, Facebook advertising didn’t seem like it was the most effective. However, lately I have noticed that Facebook advertising has worked for many companies. You just need to tailor your Facebook advertisement just right so that you can get the most clicks over to your website as possible.

Advertise on websites/blogs.

Another way to advertise your business is to advertise your services or products on a related website. An example would be if you have a wedding related company. You may want to advertise on a wedding blog so that you can hopefully gain new clients.


Have you ever seen a company not engage in any advertising? Were they successful?


How To Make Money When Traveling the World

Something that has been on my mind nearly every single day is traveling the world. My dad was big on traveling, and he gave me photo albums full of photos that he took from his travels. There are literally hundreds of photo albums that he gave me.

The thought of traveling the world sounds wonderful. I’ve never really traveled outside of the United States except for when I was little, and I don’t remember any of it. So, I would like to start again and I hope that someday these travel dreams actually begin. However, I keep making excuses for why it wouldn’t work.

I do have bills to pay, and even though I make money entirely from my laptop, I would still need to pay for my bills at home while I am traveling. I don’t want to lower my savings rate either, so when you combine all of my bills at home, along with traveling, it would be quite expensive for me to travel.

We would need to find additional ways to make money while we were traveling in order to help pay for the traveling part a little more. Also, diversifying our income is never a bad idea.

Working at a restaurant.

Many travelers work at restaurants while they are traveling. It can be a good way to make money, and there are always restaurants all over working. Maybe you can even get good food at a discount as well?

Lending a hand of a farm.

There may be farms or homes where you are visiting which may need your help. Look into this! You may be paid, or you may be paid in the form of room and board. Either way, it can be a good thing to look into. Also, this way you can really learn about the area that you are in.

Teach English.

It seems like many long-term travelers at one point in their traveling have taught English while abroad. The rules may vary from place to place, but usually they ask that you have your college degree in order to teach English.

Work online.

If we were to travel extensively, then I would want to further expand my work online. This way I could travel and bring my work with me, instead of stopping and starting work whenever I traveled from place to place.

Have you ever made money while traveling? What did you do?


Minimizing Distractions is Important When Working At Home

Working from home sounds like a dream for most. However, there are many distractions that can make working from home very hard for many. I can truly say that as I get distracted very easily. I like having the TV on in the background, I like to stop and get a snack. I like to randomly procrastinate and clean something instead.

How can someone be productive when working from home with all of these distractions? Minimize them!

When working in an office, it is much easier to minimize distractions and get work done. Usually all that is at work is what you need to work, and nothing else. Snacks are not all over. No one usually cleans at work (that would be funny/weird), and there is probably no TV to watch.

Set Office Hours for Yourself.

Setting office hours for yourself and your home business is very important. You need to have a set schedule for when you WILL work. For me, I choose hours that I know that my clients are online as well. The reason for this? Why would I work when my clients are not? We would be falling behind and I’d rather get back to a client ASAP instead of when they are not available. Who likes to wait 24 hours for an e-mail response? Not me…

I am trying to set a schedule throughout the day. I wake up early, sometimes around 6 a.m. and start working. I then work for a couple of hours and stop in the middle of the day to do things that I want to do, so that I can enjoy some daylight. And then I start back up again at night-time when I know that my clients are online.

Setting a schedule is good because it helps me stay focused. I know that I NEED to work in order to continue to make money.

 Minimizing Distractions Is Important For When Working At Home


Learn to say “NO” to others.

When working from home, many people in the offline world probably think that you don’t do anything. Some think that you are just on a vacation. This is not fair. This leads to them thinking that you can do things for them, such as watch their children or run errands for them.

Say “NO” every now and then. Do your work first and make sure that you have the time for the things that really matter.

Turn off the TV.

For me, I like the TV in the background. However, if you can absolutely not work with the TV on, please leave the room with the TV. You will never get anything done!

What do you do to eliminate the many distractions of working at home?


Positives and Negatives of Searching for Jobs Online

Online jobs and working from home is one of the primary topics of Grad Money Matters. Today, we will be talking about the positives and negatives of searching for jobs online. Searching for jobs online is similar to searching for jobs in the offline world, but it is also very different.

Searching for online jobs – The first step.

Working online is great, and I can honestly say that because I work online. As a freelancer, you can create the best schedule for you, and work with your talents directly. Working online is also a great way to save money, because in many instances you can entirely cut out transportation costs, and hopefully save money on food and clothing as well.

Positives and Negatives of Searching for a Job online.


Where to find online jobs.

There are many places to find online jobs. You can search on the ProBlogger Job Boards, search on Elance oDesk, and so on. You can also network like crazy and have people asking you if they can use your services. This is the point that most freelancers want to get to.

Negatives on working and searching for jobs online.

Since there are so many positives of finding jobs online, there are of course some disadvantages, such as the very fierce competition. There are many people all over the world who want to work online, which means that some people across the world are willing to work for a very low amount of pay.

The average gross monthly wage in the U.S. is around $3,000, compared to around $300 in India and $275 in the Philippines. Many online job searchers are from the U.S., India and the Philippines.

Another negative of working online is that you might forget about all of the expenses of working for yourself. When you work for someone else, a lot of things are paid for. This includes social security tax, overhead and so on. As a freelancer, you need to pay for your own taxes, health insurance, retirement, and so on. You have to do everything yourself.

What positives and negatives have you found for looking for an online job?

How to Save Money With Your Business Costs

Businesses are expensive to run. I don’t know of many who can say that their business is cheap and there are no costs associated with it. If you want to run your business more “lean,” then there are certain areas in which you can look at and cut back in.

Ask for testimonials.

Testimonials are a great way to get a free advertisement. They are also great because they are something that other potential clients can read and rely on.

Ask those that you know for help.

If you are an Etsy owner, do you have any blog friends who you can advertise on for cheap? I’m sure some friends would love a free item in return for a free review. If you are looking for other ways to get your name out there, you can also guest post on other websites. Some websites may charge for this, but if you are already a known blogger in the blogging world, you can use this to your advantage.

How to Save Money With Your Business Costs


Look for used or refurbished.

Do you need a new laptop? What about a new printer? If you do, try to see if the item you are looking for can be bought used or refurbished. You may be able to save a decent amount of money!

Figure out how to save on taxes.

Are you bad with taxes and currently don’t have an accountant? An accountant can really save you money by finding different ways to lower your taxes. Don’t worry, all of this is legal. You might not know about certain deductions or credits that you are able to get because you are not as knowledgable in the taxation world.

An accountant may also help you by determining which legal entity is best for you and your business. The wrong legal entity may mean that you are paying much more in taxes than you should be.

Ask for discounts.

If you buy products from others, see if you qualify for a discount. If you bulk order or wholesale items as well, also see if you can get lower pricing since you are buying more than one product. Being a loyal customer can really pay off!

How do you save money with your business?


Home Businesses that are Legitimate Part 1

Having a home business is a dream for many. However, there seem to be many scammy/spammy home businesses out there, which can negatively impact those who do have a home business. Because of all of these scams, many believe that a home business cannot actually make money and that it is not possible.

Freelancing is possible, and there are many things that you can do.

Below is a list of possible home businesses. These are legitimate possibilities, but in some cases you may need to consult a lawyer to make sure that you are providing a law-abiding service to your clients (such as an in-home daycare, in which you may need licensing).

Home Businesses That are Legitimate Part 1


Home daycare.

A home daycare may be on your mind for your future home business. And, if you already have children, then there are more positives because you won’t have to find someone to watch your own children as well.

A home daycare can be a lot of work though. You want to make sure that your home is safe and that you are properly equipped to take on children. If you are the only one watching the children, you probably don’t want 20 of them in your home. You need to be realistic with what you can take on, as these are HUMANS of course.

Rent out rooms in your home.

In some areas of the country, there may a big demand for rentals. A bed and breakfast may fit your home perfectly, or maybe you want to try Airbnb and list a room out on their website. You never know, if you are in a high demand area, you might be able to demand $200 or even $500 a night for your spare room!

Some cities do not allow you to rent out a room in your home unless you have certain licensing, so you should definitely look further into that.

Baking and selling goods.

Do you have what it takes to be a good baker, and sell what you make? There are some successful bakers out there who are able to make a decent living selling what they make. Be creative and see what works best for you!

There are many different types of things that you can do. You can be a wedding cake baker, cupcake maker, cooker creator and so on.


We talk about blogging a lot on this blog. There are many positives, such as blogging being a low-cost start-up. However, not everyone makes money blogging, and it may take a little bit (or even a long time) before you make any money.

Do you have a home business? What tips do you have?