Minimizing Distractions is Important When Working At Home

Working from home sounds like a dream for most. However, there are many distractions that can make working from home very hard for many. I can truly say that as I get distracted very easily. I like having the TV on in the background, I like to stop and get a snack. I like to randomly procrastinate and clean something instead.

How can someone be productive when working from home with all of these distractions? Minimize them!

When working in an office, it is much easier to minimize distractions and get work done. Usually all that is at work is what you need to work, and nothing else. Snacks are not all over. No one usually cleans at work (that would be funny/weird), and there is probably no TV to watch.

Set Office Hours for Yourself.

Setting office hours for yourself and your home business is very important. You need to have a set schedule for when you WILL work. For me, I choose hours that I know that my clients are online as well. The reason for this? Why would I work when my clients are not? We would be falling behind and I’d rather get back to a client ASAP instead of when they are not available. Who likes to wait 24 hours for an e-mail response? Not me…

I am trying to set a schedule throughout the day. I wake up early, sometimes around 6 a.m. and start working. I then work for a couple of hours and stop in the middle of the day to do things that I want to do, so that I can enjoy some daylight. And then I start back up again at night-time when I know that my clients are online.

Setting a schedule is good because it helps me stay focused. I know that I NEED to work in order to continue to make money.

 Minimizing Distractions Is Important For When Working At Home

Learn to say “NO” to others.

When working from home, many people in the offline world probably think that you don’t do anything. Some think that you are just on a vacation. This is not fair. This leads to them thinking that you can do things for them, such as watch their children or run errands for them.

Say “NO” every now and then. Do your work first and make sure that you have the time for the things that really matter.

Turn off the TV.

For me, I like the TV in the background. However, if you can absolutely not work with the TV on, please leave the room with the TV. You will never get anything done!

What do you do to eliminate the many distractions of working at home?


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