Is Twitter Making YOU Any Money Yet?

What if you could combine two of your favorite things: tweeting & money and create an additional source of revenue for yourself? Or, let’s say you even already have a business/money-making project. Maybe you’re a blogger or a freelancer, but haven’t yet capitalized on Twitter to increase revenue. If any of these scenarios sound fitting for you, stick with me. We’re going to take a look into why you might be the perfect candidate for either creating revenue or adding revenue to an already in-the works idea using none other than the world’s favorite social media outlet: Twitter!

Twitter & the Blogger

Twitter is your very best brand ambassador out there. Twitter allows you to promote yourself, without promoting yourself at all, which is generally how people like to like someone. Take a look at any successful, money-makin blogging mom. Let’s use Naomi Davis (@lovetaza) of the Rockstar Diaries. You can bet that she makes a very, very nice side income from her little family’s blog, not to mention that she probably scores enough product discounts and/or donations to double the cash she’s making from those ads and sponsors. Now, Naomi Davis is not “selling” anything. She’s writing cute, adorable, warm-fuzzy bloggy posts about her and her husband and their adorable little baby girl. But. You can bet that 12,000 people know that her favorite color is yellow, that their English bulldog Kingsley rocks “freckles on the ears” and that her little daughter Eleanor, has never been away from momma for more than 2 hours. She’s got 10,936 followers on Twitter. And every time she tweets, she’s not literally saying “Go Buy ______!” But she is indirectly, and ever so subtly, pointing us to her blog, where we become another page view that increases her page rank that increases her appeal to blog sponsors who become willing to pay even more for that side ad spot. Naomi Davis, or @lovetaza, has created herself an incredible brand without selling or at least seemingly selling, a darn thing.

Twitter & the Freelancer

Make Money with TwitterIf you’re a freelancer and you aren’t using Twitter to spread the word, you are absolutely, 100% missing out on revenue you could be adding to your bank account. Not only can you promote yourself, you can find outlets to write for.

Let’s start with the first. Every time you freelance for anyone, you want a tweet going out about that article. You want to tweet that article to influential people. Just finished up an eco-friendly piece about the salmon in the Clarkfork? Then you should be tweeting that link at REI, at Outdoor Magazine, at the local college’s ecological professors, etc. The bigger the popularity of whoever you tweet it to, obviously the better, because you could really go places if they ever decide to retweet that article back. AND, you never know who will read it and who will want to hire a freelancer just like you.

For the second option: finding work via Twitter. There are plenty of hirees who have realized that they can avoid the hassle of advertising and hiring the old-fashioned way that took ridiculous amounts of time to write out professional job advertisements, read incoming emails, cover letters, resumes, etc. Instead, they can just tweet out a simple hashtag to the entire world (for free I might add) and sit back while the people come to them with quick 140 character pitches they can read in 10 seconds flat. If you need to add in some extra income, go to Twitter and start searching all relevant hashtags: #hiring #writer #freelancer #editor #copywriter #freelancerneeded, and so on. Send out your own: #freelancerforhire; #freelancer in need of work, all topics suitable. See for portfolio. Make sure you’re following all the businesses who promote and offer work to freelancers. There’s a world of opportunity and wealth on Twitter for freelancers if they’re willing to go look for it. Follow magazines who hire freelancers. Follow other freelancers to see where they are posting links to of sites who’ve hired them. The options are endless here.

Twitter All on Its Own

Finally. Maybe you’re not a freelancer. Maybe you’re not a blogger. Maybe you’re a virtual assistant or have the whole 9-5 job thing well covered, but you are avid in social media and wouldn’t really mind adding a few extra dollars into the big scheme of things. While you generally need a fairly large following for these money-making options, and hence the “avid in social media” clause, that’s not to say that you cannot start to build up this following starting today. And once you do, there are countless options to look into. We’ll cover a few of the more common and basic here.

1) Sponsored Tweets

Sponsored tweets come from big companies like Kmart, Disney and Blockbuster. They write up a short 140 or less messages, and you sign up and choose which messages you’re willing to tweet (opting between those you can and cannot edit). Once you choose, the company will then automatically schedule the tweet to go live at the time of their choosing. For those of you with high enough followers, you can make upwards of $250 for just one sponsored tweet.

2) ClickBank

By creating a topic specific twitter account, you can then sign up to find and promote topic specific products in the role of an affiliate marketer. If your topic is organic, you could promote organic foods, organic books, organic restaurants, etc. Clickbank will help you find the most applicable products to promote.

3) RevTwt

This is incredibly simple. When anyone clicks on an ad you post, you get paid for every single click.

These, of course, are just a few of the plethora of options available to you. Any number of companies may be willing to pay you to send out occasional tweets. Options like @magpie will post on your account as frequently as every other post, as infrequently as 1 in 20 posts. At the basis of all of these methods, however, is a large, extensive Twitter following. So, if you’re looking at a few hundred followers, your first job is likely going to have to be increasing that number drastically.

No matter what, if you’re already making money and want to make more, Twitter can easily become that tool. Promote your name, your brand, even your product. Take advantage of the easiest, cheapest way to connect with the entire world. You’ve really got nothing to lose!

About the Author: This is a guest post by freelancer Jocelyn Anne. Jocelyn writes for an e-commerce home appliance site and is most recently promoting their hot water heater via blogs and, of course, Twitter!


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