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Being a college student can be tough on finances. Even if you have a work study or off-campus job and your parents send you money every once in a while, it can still be difficult to actually find room in your budget for extra expenses. When searching for other money making ideas, students can hardly find the time to do any of them. This is where the beauty of surveys comes in.

While surveys have been around for a long time, they are still an integral part of the business research world. Surveys are used for a variety of purposes. They can be used for market research, identifying demographics in a particular geographic area, and for improving the way a business functions. The best part of surveys is, because most are so short-term, you don’t have to be a trained or licensed professional to conduct them. Many companies recruit college students and other people looking for money on the side to perform these surveys, while others will pay survey responders. It is a great way to make a little extra cash while either collecting opinions, or providing your own. Here are some great survey opportunities for anybody looking for a little cash on the side.

Make Money by TAKING Surveys:

Money Making Ideas: SurveysThe philosophy of SurveyHead is simple: Get paid for taking surveys. This company works with a variety of big name corporations, and provides you with the opportunity to do surveys for those companies so they know how to improve their business practices, strategies, and product offerings. All you have to do is sign up, and you will start to receive surveys for these different companies. Right now, you can earn $5 simply for signing up.


E-poll is another surveying, internet market research organization that caters to a much younger audience. Through E-poll, you receive email notifications for new surveys. Rather than getting paid, though, you are instead rewarded on a point system. Each survey is worth a different number of points. After you get enough points, you can log into your E-poll account and trade in your accrued points for some cool gift cards. With enough points, you could obtain a gift card for Amazon, Best Buy, Target and many more, worth up to 30 dollars. Or, if you’re feeling generous, you can also submit your points as a donation to a large charity, like the Humane Society or American Red Cross, among others.

Survey Club

Survey Club is yet another market research company that uses the everyday consumer to provide answers to surveys in exchange for a cash return. What is unique about Survey Club is that they leave plenty of options to tell them about yourself. From basic information, like city you live in and age, to much more in-depth information, such as your obscure hobbies, the more information you provide the Survey Club panel, the more targeted the surveys you receive will be. There are some companies doing specific market research on a specific group of people. Because these surveys are so exclusive, being included in them could mean getting paid more than average, all because you provided information about hobbies you really didn’t think mattered.


As funny as this may sound, a plethora of companies publish listings on Craigslist looking for market research subjects. These are generally not done online and require you to drive to a location, whether it is the client’s store–such as a shopping mall–or to the market research firm’s location. For a couple hours of your time, you simply have to provide feedback on what you think about different products and services in order to help the company better understand what the public may think of its product. These are often posted under the “gigs” section on Craigslist, and sometimes pay very generously!

Make Money by GIVING Surveys:

For those of us who have a little extra time, giving surveys is another great way to make money. They are a slightly bigger time commitment than taking surveys online, but they yield much better pay.


Yes, once again, Craigslist is a good resource for finding jobs or gigs in giving out surveys. A lot of the time, you may find postings for magazines, bars or nightclubs, and other companies with a younger target audience hiring people as promoters, or “street team” members, to promote the magazine or club while collecting information on what the people in the young and trendy crowd are looking for. This is an ideal job for anybody looking into the entertainment industry as a possible career field, or for any person who enjoys being outgoing and sociable and doesn’t mind chatting with complete strangers.

Market Research Companies

Sometimes the best bet is to just get a hold of a market research firm somewhere in your area. Chances are, they are looking for a team of temporary surveyors to do a project for a client. These opportunities are ideal for networking with business professionals, plus carry a cash payment and maybe even some additional benefits. One company in St. Louis, Mo., paid a group of college students to survey fans during a Rams football game for a few hours. Not only did the students get paid, they also received a free t-shirt and two free tickets to a game later in the season, just for asking strangers a few questions.

Surveys are still a great way to make some easy money while providing your opinion or collecting others’ opinions. It is a tried and true method of gathering accurate and useful data for companies, meaning it won’t be going away any time soon, leaving plenty of opportunities for college students to make some easy money on the side.

About the Author: Linda Taylor is a freelance writer who supplements her income by participating in a variety of survey groups and only uses companies that follow one rule: take surveys and get paid.
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  1. Oh gosh ! Online surveys ! They are so boring ! I tried few of those programs and none of them where profitable enough to justify the time lost and boredom…

    i had more success in buying banner space and selling items as an affiliate.

  2. I didn’t had any luck with online surveys . I got totally bored . Plus the payout was to small to justify the amount of time spend on them.

  3. I started working with online survey sites a couple years ago. Since that time I would say that I have earned a few hundred bucks. Nothing to brag about, but the money was fast and easy to make. Anyone looking to work with online paid survey sites should stay away from any site asking for a membership fee. I learned something new, because I never knew that you could get paid for giving surveys.

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