Foot Loose? Make Money As You Travel the World!

Money is what prevents most wannabe globetrotters from slipping their passport in their pocket and their backpack on their shoulders to go see the world. The good news is there are plenty of jobs overseas you can do to increase the chances of you making money while you travel. You can save money by staying at hostels while you’re travelling – they’re often a good source of jobs abroad too. Many will have good links to the area and some even have jobs boards advertising for skills. There are so many jobs out there that can be obtained.

Earning cash for travel while you’re on the road isn’t actually that difficult. You’ve just got to be good at networking, keep your eyes open to any job opportunities, and you’ll soon be lapping up the benefits of working abroad.

Before You Go

You need to think about what skills you have that could appeal to potential employers. Do some research on jobs overseas – maybe your mad guitar skills could come in use? Or your ability to whip up a webpage, your lifeguarding certificate and maybe you could even use your well-practised charm.

Decide whether you want a job directly related to your chosen future career or you just need something to pay for your hostels, food and drink around the world. Of course, the best thing you can do to get a job abroad is to learn to speak the language before you go.

Teach English

Using your native tongue for making money while you travel is one of the most brilliant money making ideas. If you just want to volunteer for bed and board, you won’t need a TEFL qualification. If you want to make some serious money out of teaching you should get the best TEFL qualification you can afford. This will stand you in a good stead for getting a job in Taiwan, South Korea or China – which are the biggest paying countries.

Do the training with TEFL before you go, send out some applications and you could get a guaranteed job before you even step on the plane.

Bar, Restaurant and Pub Work

Money Making Ideas: Make Money As You TravelThis can be difficult to find, depending on your visa requirements. If it is suitable for you then start off by visiting the places you’d like to work in and dropping off your CV. Have a chat with the bar manager, you’ll be much more memorable if they have a face to the name rather than just a piece of paper. Only apply if you can speak the local language relatively fluently.


If you’ve ever dabbled in hairdressing, plumbing, electrics or any other trade you could utilise these skills easily abroad. You just need to put yourself out there and be open to opportunity. Talk to hostel owners, friends and the old dear at the corner shop. Keep your eyes on notice boards and local ads and you never know what you could find.

You can also drum up your own business too. If the hostel you’re staying in is slightly dilapidated, or you can see they’re having trouble keeping up with the cleaning, offer your skills. If the hostel is on the quiet side offer your PR skills to bring in some business.

Telesales and Call Center Support

This is a popular employment overseas for those travelling between English-speaking countries. You can earn a relatively high amount if you’ve got the gift of the gab and you’re dynamic and motivated. You can secure a role before you leave and some companies will even provide your accommodation and flight too.

Picking Fruit

This is a common job for anyone visiting Australia. It’s one of the easiest jobs to get because of the high turnover of staff. It might sound and seem like a strenuous and boring job at the time but when you look back, your time spent fruit picking are sure to be some of your glory days.

You’ll get up early, pick fruit and then stop around 2pm when it gets too hot. This is the time to chill in your hostel. The jobs can be very different depending on the fruit you’re picking and the payment package you’ll get. It can be a good little money saver because there is not much around the fruit picking areas to spend your money on. Also bear in mind that doing 3 months of fruit picking can help extend your visa to stay in Australia.

Picking fruit in the Gold Coast region of Australia is particularly rewarding if you enjoy surfing because you can hit the waves on your days off and stick around the region after you have earned some money to enjoy the beach even further. Of course, Gold Coast is home to popular surfing areas like Surfers Paradise, Duranbah Beach, and South Stradbroke Island, but you might want to pick up a Gold Coast travel guide by Expedia to learn about the beaches that are used by the locals. These areas are often less crowded, which gives you more room to enjoy the waves.

About the Author: By Victoria Philpott who has travelled and worked her way around Australia, Europe and NYC.  She now works for who offer cheap hostels in San Francisco, London, Sydney, Berlin and 3500 other destinations worldwide perfect for the working traveller.
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