Location Independent Jobs

I have a location independent job, and I love it. I love being able to work from wherever I am and only needing my laptop. This means that I have very low startup costs because I really do not need anything else!

Being able to work from wherever I am though is probably the biggest positive. If I want, I can pick up and move somewhere if I truly wanted to. Also, I can take a vacation from wherever I want as long as I bring my laptop and I can get a good internet connection.

However, I will say that just because you are location independent does not always mean that it is cheap. For example, if you are a travel blogger, then you will have high costs because you have to pay for all of that traveling!

Location Independent JobsHere are several different location independent jobs that may interest you. I plan on going further into these soon.

  1. Online writer. You could write for other websites and possibly even become a staff writer.
  2. Blogger. Starting your own blog can bring in some income, but it would take some time for it to ever equal an amount where you could entirely live off of only your blog.
  3. Phone support/customer service. There are websites out there where you could possible help others and only need your phone or laptop.
  4. Graphic design. You could create graphics for others to be used on their websites, brochures, etc.
  5. Affiliate marketer. You could sell products for others and make a commission.
  6. Website editor. You could edit articles for a website and make sure that they are fit for the website.
  7. Advertising. You could either place advertising on your website, or even create advertising for other businesses.
  8. Website design. You could create designs for businesses and blogs if you have the talent.
  9. Virtual assistant. There are many virtual assistant jobs out there. You could reply to emails for someone, reply to comments,  help someone manage their website, become a social media manager, and more.
  10. Translator. Do you know another language?
  11. Online coach. There are many different areas where someone may need help out there. These include website coaching, business coaching, and more.
  12. Youtuber. Do you have something that you could video yourself about? Ideas include makeup, animals, traveling, lifestyle, and more.


Do you have a location independent job? What do you do?


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