The Core Elements of a Great Landing Page

People search for information because they have a problem. If you have done your keyword research and link building, that search will hopefully land them on the sales page of your eBook or information product. When they scan through your page, they’re looking for evidence that you can help them solve that problem. They want clear, credible information that steers them towards a plan of action. You need to provide them that.

When you design a sales landing page for your product, only one reason truly matters: the customer. Your customers won’t hit the “buy” button because they want to support your dream. They click because you’re offering them something they need to achieve their dreams. So, as you design the landing page for your eBook or other product, always remember – its all about the customer. If you share your dreams, it must be with the intention to show them that they can achieve their dreams too. If you pour your gut out, it must be so they are moved by it to click that buy button. Every single sentence and every single paragraph must be carefully crafted with the customer in mind.

Here are the five core elements of a great landing page.

#1 Keep it Simple

Money Making Ideas: Great Landing PageStudies show that most Internet users scan web pages, rather than reading them in depth for content. You want to make your landing page “scan-friendly,” enabling visitors to pick up the most important information quickly. So, keep your design simple, without the distractions of fancy fonts, music, animation, crazy colors, lots of images, and large blocks of type. Instead, choose a readable font and keep it standard, professional black. Avoid animation, which can appear amateurish, and embed a short video. Just make sure that it does not play automatically; some customers find that annoying–and others are viewing your page at work! To make your text more readable, set off the most important points with bullets. Finally, choose colors and a design that reflect the tenor of your company. You want to look professional–and therefore, reliable.

#2 Keep it Clear

The landing page is an important communication point between you and your customer. This is where you can explain, without other website distractions, just why your eBook (or other information product) is exactly what he or she has been looking for.

Begin with a captivating headline that connects your product with its purpose–and makes your reader curious to see what you have to offer. Follow with clear, well-written copy. It’s important to remember that you’re not writing to advertise your product, exactly. You’re writing to explain how your product will help your readers reach their goals. Again, given the average internet visitor’s attention span, you have only seconds to draw them in. Don’t waste that time with silly slogans.

Your customers want to know what your product is, what it does, and how it will help them. Address their questions in clear, grammatical prose. Avoid large text blocks, which can be difficult for your reader to absorb quickly. Instead, organize your information using bullet points, a FAQ format, or other quickly readable arrangement. Make your “buy” button easy to locate and keep any information requests (email address, etc.) both limited and simple to navigate. The less complicated your landing page, the more likely a prospect will stay long enough to buy your product.

#3 Keep it Informative

Your landing page visitors are not coming to your site to be dazzled by your websmithing prowess. They’re there to learn more about your product. Everything you place on that page needs to keep that goal in mind. Briefly list the concerns your customers may be facing–then explain how your product will address them. Keep yourself (your inspirational story, your success) out of the picture as much as possible, and stay focused on them.

What keyword searches bring visitors to your page? Incorporate them into your copy, both for SEO, and to reassure readers that they are in the right place. Include a graphic of your product (represent an eBook with a book image using your cover), to give prospects the sense of a tangible item. And always, always, present your product as the solution to the customer’s problem.

#4 Keep it Credible

Many people are wary of buying things over the Internet, and justifiably so. Infomercials and web-based scams promising everything from millions to new hair have left your prospective customers jaded and skeptical. Counter this tendency to dismiss web products by making sure that your site’s information is credible. Don’t exaggerate. Be honest.

If possible, provide a sidebar with actual customer testimonials and reviews. Do not, however, link to reviews away from your landing page, as this could be counter-productive — your aim should always be to keep the customers on your page for as long as possible, so they don’t get distracted and forget why they were there in the first place.

#5 Keep it Optimistic

Throughout your presentation, focus on the benefits your product will offer the client. It’s common, particularly among authors, to downplay achievement. Save the self-deprecation for family reunions. Your landing page is the place to believe in your product. Every prospective customer who visits your page is, in a sense, asking for your help. Offer it in the most encouraging manner possible.

Finally, once you’ve created your landing page, have friends, family and coworkers give it a test-run, as proxy customers.  Do all of the buttons work? Is the payment process simple? Is your video professional? How about colors and layout? With care, attention to detail, and a heart for customer service, you can build a winning landing page that will make your money making ideas yield bountiful dividends.

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