Improving Your Blog with Less Clutter and More Fun

Are you trying to become a writer or blogger? Well, you probably want to be successful, right? Who doesn’t? Today’s post will give you some tips in what you should do and what you probably shouldn’t do and is an extension from Part 1 which I published yesterday.

Other ways that you can improve your blog and writing skills include having less clutter on your blog and actually having fun with writing and blogging.

Less clutter on your blog or website.

Do you have a lot of clutter on your blog? Many blogs do. You want to make sure that it’s easy for your readers to find what they are looking for. If you have 100 pictures down the sidebar on your blog, this is probably a lot of clutter and can also take a lot of time to load.

Your blog design should be as simple as possible, but still be useful. Simple can really mean anything, but if you think that your website is too cluttered, then it probably is.

When you start out and create a brand new blog, it is very easy for new bloggers to be carried away by all the great plugins and widgets that are out there. There are so many out there, but make sure that whatever you put on your blog or website is useful and effective. You don’t need to fill every single spot in your design, blank spaces are always good also. You want quality not quantity.


Having fun with writing and blogging.

I love blogging and writing online. I never really thought when I was younger that I would become a blogger and enjoy every single second of it, but I truly do. With blogging, try to have fun! Sure there are commercial blogs out there where no one has fun with it and it is more of a job, but try to have fun with it if you can.

Yes, monetizing, promoting your blog, search engine optimization and so on are important for your blog, but you should try to have fun and network also. You want to enjoy what you do as well, right?

Blogging is a great way to express yourself and share your thoughts and opinions with others. The fact that you can make money while you are at it is a fantastic bonus.

Do you have a lot of clutter on your blog? Do you have fun writing and blogging?


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  1. Peter from TracfoneReviewer says:

    This article was a good reminder. Both to keep the clutter down, and make sure blogging stays fun. I sometimes tend to add too much stuff to the front page of my blog, and I see so many others doing this, but less is more! Perhaps time to reevaluate the clutter. Thanks for the post!

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