If Your Marketing Strategy Is Failing – Try Asking the Right Questions!


Young graduates enter the world of business with highly idealistic goals of what their futures are going to look like. Most have high hopes of climbing the corporate ladder until they are seated comfortably in an upper management position where they will easily earn a six figure salary because, after all, they studied online business administration and are ready to hit the world running.

This is especially true of young marketing execs, who are ultra-enthusiastic about helping clients build a strong customer base. They have a business degree with a focus on marketing, but for some reason, they aren’t realizing the success they thought they’d see. Why? Perhaps they aren’t asking the right questions!

Building on Your Business Degree

Actually, online business programs are a very good start. Elite schools like Arizona State University can prepare you for a career in marketing, but there are some lessons you need to learn in the field. Some call it a trial by fire. What many young marketing execs aren’t quite ready to admit to themselves is that the degree they just earned is a foundation upon which to build a career.

Some stop at the undergrad level and others go on to earn an MBA in marketing. Either way, that degree needs to be seen as the foundation upon which a career is built. Experience is also a crucial component necessary for a successful and lucrative career.

Life’s Lessons Don’t Come Easy – Sometimes

One of the things you learned when focusing on a business degree with a major emphasis on marketing is that all marketing, successful marketing that is, is the result of analyzing metrics. These are data sets compiled from a number of sources, but each data set is based on questions that are asked and then answered.

These are then sorted into various responses, counted, averaged and then a strategy is built around the analysis of those metrics. Everything seems to fit nicely into patterns and you have a wide array of responses to the questions you asked. Unfortunately, you probably asked the wrong questions so the data you are analyzing isn’t pertinent to the client or the specific products you are promoting.

Don’t Ask Questions Based on a Strategy – Base a Strategy on the Questions!

If you are a young marketing executive fresh out of school, learn a lesson from this election. It isn’t about politics at all! It’s about marketing and knowing what questions to ask so that you can sell a product, a service or yes, even a person/brand. That’s what the Republicans accomplished in this election year and what you can learn to do with a little bit of experience.

Don’t ask questions you want answered in order to get metrics to align with your strategy. Develop a strategy around the questions you ask. That’s the right way to market and what you learned at ASU Online. Now go out and put it to work for you. This is how you’ll get to that six figure income – guaranteed!

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