How To Teach Overseas

Are you interested in teaching abroad? Maybe you want to experience new cultures by traveling the world, but you need to find a way to make money at the same time.

Well, you are in luck. If you plan on living in each place that you travel to for at least one semester or at least one year, then you may be able to find a job teaching english in the country that you move to.

There are many positions open around the world at military bases, business schools, international schools and so on.

Make sure you are certified. 

If you want teach English overseas, then you will want to become certified. Not every school will require that you have certain degrees or certifications, but usually the positions that you will want will have certain requirements.

You will most likely want some sort of undergraduate degree. A teaching degree is not required but it is a nice little plus to have on your resume.

You will probably need a TEFL (“Teaching English as a Foreign Language”) certificate. You can earn this certificate in a physical class or online. These classes are good to have because they will teach YOU how to teach others the English language. An in person class may be best if you do not really know how to teach others correctly. You want to be the best at what you do!

How To Teach OverseasChoose a location to teach.

You will need to determine where you want to teach. Different countries will have different requirements that they need from you. You will want to research where you might be teaching and what you should exactly know. Each country is different.

Have a passport and possibly a work visa.

You will need a passport to leave the U.S. and enter other countries. If you are going to be teaching English in other countries, then you will most likely need a work visa as well. You can’t work unless you have both of these!

Prepare for submitting your resume and for interviews.

Make sure that you have a quality resume, a great cover letter and that you are prepared for any interviews that may happen. These might be over Skype if you are not in the area of the school that you are applying at. Remember to keep it professional in Skype interviews and still dress professionally!

Are you interested in teaching overseas? What tips do you have?


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