How To Stay Sane When Traveling For Business

fiji-293826_640Traveling for work may sound glamorous to some, but for most people who travel, it’s not as great as it seems.

I once knew someone who ended up quitting her job because she was afraid that she would one day “die in a hotel room,” and it was a legitimate fear of hers.

Many people may feel somewhat similar to this, maybe not as drastic, but I know many other people who would prefer to work at home instead of living in an airport and a hotel room.

It can be extremely lonely if you do a lot of business traveling, and you may miss out on some big milestones with your friends and family members.

However, maybe you enjoy what you do but there are some days where you just feel a little crazy since you are traveling for work so much. If this describes you, then below are my tips to stay sane when traveling for business.

1. Actually unpack your bags.

I am guilty of living out of my suitcase when I am traveling. However, when you are traveling for work ALL THE TIME, you should try to actually unpack your bags, put your clothes away in a dresser, hang up your clothing, and more. This can make you feel more sane as you won’t have a huge pile of clothes that you are going through and pouring back into your suitcase each and every day.

2. Leave your hotel occasionally.

One thing that many business travelers are guilty of is that they often spend way too much time either at the hotel or wherever they are working. Instead, you should try to squeeze time in to explore wherever you are. Never leaving the hotel can constantly feel like you are just always working, and sometimes you just need a physical break in order to clear your mind.

3. Bring something with you that is not related to your job.

Bringing something with you can make you feel like you are more at home. Bring your favorite book, a hobby project that you have been working on, or something else.

4. Make friends.

Hopefully, there are others who are traveling for business with you or there are people that you see on a usual basis when you travel for work. If so, make some new friends and plan outings with them. Maybe go to a delicious restaurant that is not in the hotel, explore the town together, or something else.

5. Skype loved ones back home.

So that you don’t feel like you are missing out on everything back at home, you might want to try to Skype or video chat (such as through Google Hangouts) those that you want to talk to. Google Hangouts is free (as long as you have wifi), so it is something I would definitely check out.

Eventually, if the above do not work out for you, you may need to evaluate your job and see if it is worth it. If you are not happy and you feel like you are going crazy, then some active changes need to be made.

Do you do a lot of business travel? What sanity tips do you have for us?

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