How To Start Writing an eBook


Have you ever thought about writing your own eBook? eBooks are hot right now, so why not? If you have something great to write about, then your eBook may be a fast seller.

You should probably know how to write

If you want to make money writing and selling eBooks, you need to know how to write. That is very obvious, right? Obviously, you cannot write an eBook that people will want to buy if you cannot string two sentences together in a way that people can understand.

If writing is not your forte, don’t fret, there are people on freelance websites who would be more than willing to write an eBook for you for a fee. If you have something to say and you want to get your opinion out there, but are not the best at writing, then this may be for you.

Writing an eBook yourself

If you are planning to write the eBook yourself, you need to have an area of expertise that is marketable. Sure, you can write eBooks on hot air ballooning, but if you’ve never even set foot in a hot air balloon, chances are that you won’t be able to write convincing content that sells – people will pick up on your lack of ballooning knowledge when you call the thingy hanging beneath the balloon, well… a thingy.

You don’t want to waste your time (or others) on something that you know will be bad and not a good read. Writing an eBook just to write one may not be the best idea.

What should I write about?

If you have expertise and a passion for rebuilding cars, write about rebuilding cars. There are thousands of people out there looking for competent eBooks on how to rebuild classic cars.

Or, if you are a childcare guru, write about how to properly care for a child (try to stick to the non-medical areas—leave the medical information to the actual medical professionals). It’s as simple as that.

Or, maybe you are great at personal finance, and you want to help people tackle their financial problems, such as how to get out of debt fast or how to make money on the side.

The next thing you’ll need to make money selling eBooks is a little bit of start up money. Potentially, you can sell eBooks by simply writing them, putting them into PDF format and emailing them to the people who purchase them through PayPal – that would cost you absolutely nothing at all.

But if you get a landing page, optimize it for your keywords, host it on a domain name, and take some time to promote it, you can increase your potential to earn probably by several orders of magnitude.

Depending on how much of the above process you do it by yourself, and how much you outsource, you could spend anywhere in the range of a few hundreds to several thousand dollars.

Have you ever thought about writing your own eBook?


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