How To Not Be A Broke College Student

How To Not Be A Broke College StudentBeing in college doesn’t have to be so difficult to save money. You don’t have to be broke either.

Use being a student to your advantage while you can because it can save you a decent amount of money.

You can always keep your student ID card and use it after, even if you aren’t currently a student, it will still work!

1. Invest in a ISIC card.

I just bought one today for $25 and I’ve basically already been paid back when I use it for my Machu Picchu trip. I will save about 30 dollars. This card is for US students only and it lasts 1 year.

You can buy a new one each year but the cost is $25 in the US. This card can be used all around the world and has the potential to be used as several different thousands of places. It can be used at certain restaurants, landmarks, trips, etc.

2. Sublease your next room.

If you are deciding to live off campus while in college, consider sub-leasing a room with a family.

I did this for 1 year and I am so thankful I did! I was able to focus on my studies and didn’t live in a party house at all. I didn’t ever have the pressure to drink or throw parties, and it was somewhat quiet. (I did live with little kids so it was obviously a little loud at times.)

Although I might have gotten a little annoyed at times, I did really like living with a family. I got the feeling of living with my old family and I didn’t feel so lonely at all. I didn’t get homesick either which helped a ton during the school year. I obviously saved a ton of people as well because I wasn’t paying the high cost of living in the dorms at my college.

3. Use your student ID to your advantage.

Simply type in on Google ‘student ID discounts’. You’ll be just as shocked as I was when you see how many things come up. It’s overwhelming and it kind of made me mad at first because I would go to all of these places without even knowing I could save money!

There are tons of restaurants/fast food chains/clothing stores on the list, along with electronic stores. You can save a ton of money on computers during the beginning of the school year.

If you have kids, use their student ID to your advantage as well! When you go out, use their student ID to save money on the tab. Although college is incredibly expensive in the US states, you can make the best out of it.

Do you do any of the things that I mentioned above? What else do you do to not be broke during college?


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