How To Make Money When Traveling the World

Something that has been on my mind nearly every single day is traveling the world. My dad was big on traveling, and he gave me photo albums full of photos that he took from his travels. There are literally hundreds of photo albums that he gave me.

The thought of traveling the world sounds wonderful. I’ve never really traveled outside of the United States except for when I was little, and I don’t remember any of it. So, I would like to start again and I hope that someday these travel dreams actually begin. However, I keep making excuses for why it wouldn’t work.

I do have bills to pay, and even though I make money entirely from my laptop, I would still need to pay for my bills at home while I am traveling. I don’t want to lower my savings rate either, so when you combine all of my bills at home, along with traveling, it would be quite expensive for me to travel.

We would need to find additional ways to make money while we were traveling in order to help pay for the traveling part a little more. Also, diversifying our income is never a bad idea.

Working at a restaurant.

Many travelers work at restaurants while they are traveling. It can be a good way to make money, and there are always restaurants all over working. Maybe you can even get good food at a discount as well?

Lending a hand of a farm.

There may be farms or homes where you are visiting which may need your help. Look into this! You may be paid, or you may be paid in the form of room and board. Either way, it can be a good thing to look into. Also, this way you can really learn about the area that you are in.

Teach English.

It seems like many long-term travelers at one point in their traveling have taught English while abroad. The rules may vary from place to place, but usually they ask that you have your college degree in order to teach English.

Work online.

If we were to travel extensively, then I would want to further expand my work online. This way I could travel and bring my work with me, instead of stopping and starting work whenever I traveled from place to place.

Have you ever made money while traveling? What did you do?


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