How To Find Tutoring Clients

Are you looking for extra cash? Tutoring and teaching private lessons might be for you. Not everyone can do this, I honestly don’t think that I would be the greatest. However, for some, they have great talent and are really able to help others learn new things.

In order to make some money by tutoring and offering private lessons to individuals, you need to first and foremost find clients and students who are interested in paying for the lessons and what you have to teach them.

The following tips in this post are all methods that can work for you. I hope you find students quickly!

Word of mouth from your current clients and friends and/or family.

Networking is very important when it comes to finding clients. The power of networking can do so much for you and your services that you offer.

Don’t ever underestimate the power of word of mouth and those who might talk about you. Everything is put online these days. You want to provide awesome services where people refer you to others and talk about you to possible potential clients. You can also ask your current students to spread the word about you because these are the best ways to gain future clients.

Once you get students for your private lessons services, your students can help spread the word about what you do and hopefully find you even more students.


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Tear-off tab papers with your advertisement and contact information.

The tear-off tab ad might seem old-school for you, but it really does work. It is an easy way for new clients to find you, such as on a bulletin board at a school. Advertisements can be placed in so many different places, such as laundromats, gas stations, schools, day care centers, libraries, student community centers, cafeteria and so on. You can create a simple, to the point advertisement that tells people what you’re teaching, how much it would cost them, and how they can contact you. 

Another idea is to plaster posters and fliers throughout your neighborhood that advertise your services. Telephone poles, trees at the park, benches at the bus station, windows at the gas station (ask prior to doing this), and even putting signs on lawns on along roadsides can all work, just make sure that you have the right to do so and don’t just create a mess with trash.

Online advertisements for your services

Advertising your services online is also very important. If you can, you should definitely try to create a website for your services. This makes your business seem more realistic and legitimate to a future customer. Whenever you are about to use a new company, don’t you usually search for it on the internet first? I know that I do that as the first thing! I always look them up to see if I can find anything else about the company.

You should also try to post advertisements online in areas where you think you can find potential new clients.

Do you teach private lessons? How did you find your clients?


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