How to Find Freelance Work and Business Partners

When surfing the Web isn’t turning up enough business leads or information on those you might partner with, where should you turn? Company House in the UK holds information on more than 2 million businesses, which is an invaluable source of data for any aspiring or established freelancer or agency; the bureau compiles information that businesses must file with the UK government, allowing you to use that information to your competitive advantage.

These records can be difficult to access, so services like Duedil bring this data to the masses – for free, a quick Company House WebCheck can turn up company details including date of incorporation, lawsuits, the nature of the business, insolvency history, names of company officials, and more.

This is part of a growing field in the UK called Competitive Intelligence, or CI, which has been popular in America for many years but is now being used by many in the UK. It stresses the importance of knowing your competition in order to think strategically. The Web Check service allows you to be more strategic and creative in your business endeavours by providing you with the raw data that you can then use to inform your strategy. Many of the Web Check services are free, though some, such as viewing full reports, may incur a small charge.

Armed with this information, you can better evaluate potential business partnerships or freelance work, including companies you might contact about your services; have they recently been subject to an employment lawsuit? Do their company directors change far too often? Are their accounts in the red? These are all signs that should send you running for the hills. On the other side, if a company looks like an appealing target, you can use detailed knowledge of the business to tailor your specific pitch.

Because of the financial information available, Web Check can even inform your terms when you bill potential clients. A client with a strong financial history versus one with a history of financial difficulties could alter how you apply interest, percentage of interest that you charge, when payments should be made, etc. And when it comes to considering a potential business partner, the financial information available with Web Check can be invaluable; indeed anyone who has ever entered into a business partnership knows what a sensitive relationship it can be, one that requires trust from all parties, and one in which financial risk, acumen and liabilities are shared. In this sense, services like Web Check can be a life-saver.

In business and life, the more information you have, the better you can weigh potential risks and rewards, so consider using the Web Check service for your freelance work and business networking, creation of business strategies, and in your attempt to keep a leg up on the competition.


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