How To Become A Life Coach

If becoming a life coach is a dream of yours, then today’s post is one for you. I have been thinking about getting a life coach for myself, and possibly one day even coaching others.

If you love helping others, then becoming a life coach can be a fun and fulfilling career for you.

As a little background into the life coaching career, I will answer the question “What exactly is life coaching?”

How To Become A Life CoachLife coaching is sort of like counseling. This is where you help people in their lives reach goals by motivating them and providing guidance to them.

You will be helping your clients obtain and lead successful lives and motivating them to do so.

As a life coach, you might help someone determine what they want to do with their lives, provide guidance if something big (good or bad) has happened in their life), help them find ways to obtain a healthier lifestyle, help them figure out what type of life they want to live, and more. There are many, many things that you can be a life coach to a person for.

Below are things you might want to look into doing in order to become a successful life coach:

Hire a coach for yourself.

In order to determine if coaching is even for you, it’s usually a good idea to hire a coach for yourself. If you have never had a life coach, then how do you know if you would even like it.

The life coaching business isn’t exactly for the type of person who hates their job. In order to thrive in this industry you need to be happy and enjoy your line of work.

Hiring a coach for yourself can be great experience because you will learn what works and what does not work for potential future clients of yours. Many life coaches have coaches themselves as well, so there is no reason for you to feel odd or like a failure for having your very own life coach.

Attend at least some educational courses.

To become a life coach, you do not need any sort of degree. However, attending courses, obtaining certifications, and so on can really help you become more successful in the field of life coaching.

Taking in some education can also help because you will seem more knowledgable to potential clients. Anyone can label themselves as a life coach, so taking educational coaching courses can set you apart from others who are not good life coaches.

Practice on “test subjects.”

Before you get into the real deal, you may want to find a few people who are willing to let you practice on them. Yes, this may mean that you work for low pay or no pay in the very beginning. There is nothing wrong with that though. This is the best way to gain experience and bulk up your portfolio with meaningful work.

Would you become a life coach? Why or why not?

Image via Flickr by Celestine Chua

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