How to become a full-time writer

Writing in the online world seems to be a hot topic right now. Many bloggers seem to be writing for other websites, and if you like to write then it can be a fun and relatively easy way to make money.

So, what if you want to become a full-time writer? Is that possible?

Yes, becoming a full-time writer is possible. It may take time to reach a level to where to can rely on your writing to pay all of your bill sand still save for retirement, but it is possible. Having a good plan can really help with this.


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Can you even write?

To become a full-time writer, this is of course very important. Yes, some people have very poor grammar but are still great writers. If you can have someone edit your work and still be profitable, that is great. However, if your grammar is perfect and you can create interesting content, this all makes full-time writing even more possible.



Have you written before?

To get a realistic feel for how full-time writing will be like, I would definitely try to write for different websites or even your own website first. Get as many writing gigs as you possibly can so that you can get the best feel for freelance writing.


How to become a full-time writer

Who would you write for?

Are you looking to only write on your own website? How will you make money on your own website? You need to think about what kind of website you will run and how you could realistically live off of it.

Or would you write for others primarily? What niches would you be writing for? Some writers produce content for many different niches such as finance, personal finance, investing, family, education and so on.


How many articles would you realistically have to write each month to pay your bills?

Depending on your experience and niche, the price for your freelance writing can vary by a good amount. Some new writers charge anywhere from $10 to $20. Some might receive $35 for their writing. If you have degrees or certifications, you might be able to receive $300. Payment varies.

If you are only paid $20 an article, really think about how many you would have to write in order to pay your bills. If you need $2,000 a month, then you would have to write 100 articles a month, or a little over 3 each day. And this is of course before taxes, so that will have to be thought about as well.

Three articles each day may seem very possible. That is most likely not going to be a very tough day, but would you be able to find enough clients to produce 100 articles each month? Would you run out of topic ideas?

Would you want to become a full-time writer? Why or why not?


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