Great Ways to Make Money Online

rp_iphone-518101_640-1-300x200.jpgIf you are a prudent manager of money and do not enjoy risk then there are other ways to turn a coin. We are all wary of those “earn cash from home” ads and for good reason too but that does not mean it cannot be done. It can, and once more it can be done quite successfully if you know what they are looking for and you know what works for you. Below you will find some smart ideas all of them legit to help you boost your coffers. 

Personally I, like many others, enjoy a little risk and excitement when online and I use the online casinos like Fruity King to boost my bankroll.  Nowadays playing at a quality casino like Fruity King holds no hidden extras, and once more you play with bonus money that the casino offers you just for registering with the site, that means you are not even using any of your own money to play with.  This for me is a great way to take a chance, there actually isn’t much risk involved when you come to think of it, it’s just a great fun way of making a little extra cash (of course that is if lady luck is smiling on you!)

But if that is not your thing you can still find a whole host of ideas online to boost your bankroll.

Get paid to test company websites. Companies pay an average of £10 per test for users to try to find things on a site or feedback on new homepages. Some companies record the testers screen and voice for reaction and so you may need a microphone but don’t worry your face is not recorded. Search website testers for more information.

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Write Content. Content for adverts, websites and newsletters are always in demand. Many Companies online act as middlemen between clients and writers taking a percentage for each piece sold.

Read Adverts on your mobile. There are firms out there wanting feedback on adverts and if you are willing to give them an opinion they will pay you for it. The money comes in trickles but it keeps coming.

Take photos of products and rank shop displays. Download the app from Google Play because the money is really good. The companies doing this work are French and you can find them on the web.

If you can type superfast Transcription Companies will pay around £8 per hour to type up audio. That’s one hour of audio not typing but if you are quick then it could be a good home earner.

Make a home video. If your clip is original enough people will start watching it. You Tubes Partner Programme lets users take a cut of the cash from adverts that run alongside of the clips. Earnings can be anything depending on how popular your clip becomes.

For iPhone users only firms will pay up to £20 per month helping them solve logistical problems by providing information on signage and lighting. You will need to download an app for this but it may well be worth it.

There are dozens of different ways to earn extra cash online and every one of them will have their good points and bad points. I suggest researching a few of the ideas above and finding out what is right for you.


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