Getting Negative Reviews on Your eBook

Something as a writer that you might need to get used to is the chance of a bad review. Not everyone will love your product. That is just life. You can’t let every little review tear you down and make you want to give up.

Not all reviews will be positive and raving about how awesome your eBook is. Take a deep breath now and say with me: “I will get a negative review, and that is okay.” Repeat this over and over to yourself until you are actually okay with negative reviews. No matter how important the topic, how brilliant your idea, and how clear, yet eloquent your prose, someone out there will dislike it, and dislike it enough to let you know.

Someone might just to be trolling and leaving horrible reviews on everything. Someone might not agree with your opinion. Someone might think you are plain ol’ WRONG. But that is okay.

You might get the occasional negative review.

Getting Negative Reviews on your eBook


The best strategy would be to not read the negative reviews at all, but since you’re only human, that is probably too much to ask. If you pour day and night and possible weeks and months and maybe even years into something, reading reviews on your product really only seems normal to me.

Now that you have read a negative review, and you find it totally off the mark and absurd; or challenges your core principles; or defiles your work in some way, how should you respond to it? Here is what you do.


Ok. Do nothing impulsive.

After a few days, if it still bothers you, then here’s how to proceed.

Continue to do nothing.

Rinse, repeat. That’s right. Do absolutely nothing. Not everyone will enjoy your writing style. Not everyone will share your opinions. Occasionally, a reader will completely misunderstand your book, or outright lash at you. It’s par for the course.

Sometimes, the reviewer will make a good point–one you can rectify and possible change in future work to make your work even better. Other times, there really is nothing that you can do about a negative review. Absorb bad reviews, deflect them, ignore them–just never, ever respond to them. To do so is eminently unprofessional and causes nothing but bad press–something to avoid at all costs if you are serious about making money selling eBooks on Amazon — or selling anything, anywhere for that matter!

Have you ever received a negative review (doesn’t have to be just eBook related)?


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