Freelancing Options


To me, freelancing is my perfect world. I have dreamt of it for a long time, and my dream/reality is finally here. Working for yourself has so many positives. Not everything is perfect, and there are almost downsides to everything, but to me working for myself very much outweighs working for someone else.

Freelancing isn’t for everyone though. Some prefer to work for others. If you work for someone else, you can most likely go to work and then go home, without the stress of being an owner and having an unstable paycheck.

If you want to become a freelancer, then you have to have some sort of skill. Not everyone can be a freelancer because there has to be some sort of market for the services that you want to offer.


Don’t worry everyone, freelancing doesn’t mean that you can only be a writer. It’s amazing how many people consider freelance writing as the only form of freelancing in the freelance market. There are so many things out there that you can do:

  • Writer – of course I have to add this one.
  • Website/graphic designers – This is something where it really takes talent. I would be a horrible designer! There are website designer, logo designers, and so on.
  • Translators – Do you know more than one language? Maybe you can translate a language. Another idea would be to teach others a new language.
  • Editors – There are so many websites out there. They all need to be managed somehow!
  • Virtual assistants- As a virtual assistant, you can help others with their website, manage emails, help with online conferences and so on.
  • Customer service representatives – There are many companies that hire for customer service representatives where you work from home.
  • Photographers – Same with website and graphic designers, talent is needed if you want to become a freelance photographer.  Many also go to school for this as well.
  • Interior designers – Do you love to decorate and come up with floor plans? Then interior designing would probably be perfect for you!
  • Wedding planner/consultant – Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but also stressful. You can help a bride plan her perfect day



Do you want to be a freelancer? Why or why not?


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