Five Blogging Mistakes That May Be Ruining Your Blogging Career

Many may not want to admit it, but every single blogger out there has made some form of a blogging mistake. If there is someone out there who wants to say that they are perfect, please send me an email because I want to personally bow down to you for being perfect 🙂

There is nothing wrong with making a mistake when blogging, however, you do want to learn from and correct your mistake as soon as possible.

Below are five different blogging mistakes that may be ruining your blogging career:

Five Blogging Mistakes That May Be Ruining Your Blogging Career1. You don’t care about networking.

Networking is extremely important as a blogger. You want to connect with both your readers and other bloggers. Networking is important because it can help get your name out there and hopefully your blog can reach more people.

Different ways to network include:

  • Posting on other people’s blogs as a guest;
  • Being active on different social media websites such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook; and
  • Taking part in interviews.

2. You have your readers answer a scientific problem before allowing them to comment.

Okay, it may not be scientific, but sometimes I just cannot read the CATPCHA to save my life. Sometimes I will enter the 20 letters and numbers 5 times before I give up and just close out from the blog for the day.

This can be very annoying, and there are much better spam plugins out there if you are dealing with an insane amount of spammers.

3. You are still on Blogger.

Okay, I understand that Blogger is free, but if you are wanting to blog professionally then you need to get off that website as soon as possibly. Preferably yesterday…

Blogger is not a good platform if you want to be a successful full-time blogger. Blogger can take away your blog at any moment with no reason since you are not hosting your website yourself. This is an absolutely scary thing to happen and I know people who have given up entirely after it’s happened to them.

Instead, you want to be on a platform such as WordPress. No, WordPress is not hard to use. You can learn how to use it within an hour so do not use that as an excuse!

4. You don’t post enough on your blog.

You don’t want to post too much to where you are annoying your readers, but you also don’t want to space out your posts too far. Readers may forget about you and unfollow you.

Publishing a new post at least once a week can usually solve this problem.

5. You don’t stick to only high-quality content.

High-quality content should be ONLY what you are publishing. This means only high-quality content of your own, high-quality content guest posts, high-quality reviews, high-quality advertisements and more.

What blogging mistakes have you seen and/or experienced first-hand?

Image via Flickr by Owen W Brown

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