Making Money on eBay: 10 Tips for Super Star Selling

One of the many legitimate online money making ideas is to sell on eBay is an auction site used by millions of people worldwide to sell and buy items. The income potential through selling on eBay isn’t set in stone – there are people who make millions, and then there are people who actually lose money when they don’t sell their listed items.

If you have something you think people will want to buy, you can list it for an eBay and hope to sell it, or you can follow these 10 tips and become an eBay super star seller.

#1 Sell What You Have

Many eBay novices believe that they have to go out and buy items to sell for profit on eBay. The problem with this is you may pay more for the item than what you can get for it. If you spend hundreds of dollars on items to sell and those items don’t sell, you are out of those hundreds of dollars and the money you paid in eBay listing fees.

The best way to test the eBay waters is to sell something you have sitting around the house. If you have a DVD, vacuum cleaner, textbooks, or knick knacks that you think might make some money, list them, and then learn by trial and error what sells and how to sell it.


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#2 Picture Perfect

When you choose and item to list, you need to list it with a few flattering pictures. This means that the item should be clear, in focus, and in flattering light. Posting pictures in shadow, with the item only partially in view, or with a distracting background is the fastest way to get people to click the back button on their browser and move on to the next seller on the list. Your pictures need to be simple- just show the item clearly and in full, bright light.

#3 Embellish…Truthfully

When you list an item for auction, you are required to write a description of the item. This is your opportunity to tell everyone about how great the item is without lying about it. Think of it as an “advertisement” that gets a buyer excited about your product. Considering that the buyer came searching for your item, he is already looking to buy it – your job is simply to convince him that the item you have is the one he wants and not the similar item that several other sellers may have to offer. You don’t have to be a master copywriter to do this (but if you are, more power to you!). Just make sure that you include as much information as you have on the item in a persuasive manner. Things to consider including are – the condition of the product, the manufacturer, size/dimensions/weight if applicable, any historical relevance etc. Use adjectives and any interesting stories related to the item whenever possible, without sounding too hype-y. Add the benefits of the product in addition to its feature to endear to the buyer.

Remember though, you should always be truthful because buyers can request a refund if the item is ‘not as advertised’. Also, your eBay seller account can be suspended.

#4 Offer Good Customer Experience

Money Making Ideas: Ebay Selling TipsOffer a means (phone number or email address) for a potential buyer to contact you if she has any questions. Much like when you are writing the description, you need to be honest with any queries. If a potential buyer asks you a question about your item, answer truthfully.

When you list the item, include the terms and conditions as well as payment and refund policies in a clear manner to avoid potential conflicts. If a conflict does arise, try to resolve it amicably.

Finally, make it easy for the potential buyer to navigate through the sale. The online world is a world of short attention span – if you make a potential buyer jump through too many hurdles, he is very likely to jump out of your page without a sale.

#5 Detailed Category Listing

During the item listing process you’ll be asked to list the item according to category. You can be as detailed about the item’s category as possible. If you are selling nutrition bars, don’t just list the item in the health & beauty category. You can list nutrition bars under: health & beauty > weight management > foods, bars & snacks > snacks & treats.

Be as detailed as possible.

#6 Starting Price

Before you list an item do some research on what similar items are going for. Look at the items that are actually getting bids, and figure out your starting price from there. Listing the item for too low or too high can spell disaster for your bottom line.

#7 Offer “Buy it Now!”

When you list an item for auction be sure to list the item with the ‘but it now’ feature. This allows bidders to buy the item outright before anyone bids on it. You can often make more money on outright sales than you do with bids because ‘buy it now’ prices are usually higher than the starting price of the auction.

# 8 Leave and Request Feedback

When you sell an item provide seller feedback on the buyer. This is important because people will want to continue buying from you if you say nice things about them. And whenever possible, send a follow up e-mail with a Thank You note and request buyer feedback on you. You can show positive feedback comments as a testimonial to future customers – it is a great way to build up credibility and buyer confidence.

#9 Peak Time Earning

Timing the end of your auction with peak times is a great way to up the ante in the bidding wars. If your auction ends at 4:30 am, you are less likely to get any ‘snippers’ (buyers who wait until the last possible moment to place a bid in hopes that they can get the item for the lowest price), because people are usually asleep at 4:30 in the morning. If your auction ends at 8:00 pm, everyone is usually home and actively browsing eBay.

# 10 Package Well and Ship Quickly

Once you sell your item and the payment clears PayPal, print the shipping label, pack up the item with care, and ship the next day if at all possible. If the buyer wants the item shipped next day, 2-day, first class, or ground, be sure to ship the item as they requested unless a faster method of shipping is available for around the same price.

If you follow these tips, you can easily become an eBay superstar seller quickly and eBay may be one of the best money making ideas you have ever put to test. Superstar sellers make money online with little effort because they know how to create an auction people will view, and provide an item at a price people will pay. Good luck on your eBay journey, may your path be paved with dollar signs and your destination be success 🙂

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