Do you ever get writer’s block?

All writers get it, writer’s block! I’m sure at one point or another, every single blogger and/or writer has sat down and couldn’t think of a single thing to write.

If you write a couple of times each week, or ever every single day of the week, then it can be easy to feel like you are out of content ideas.

Think about what someone would like to know about your niche

If you’re also a beginner in your niche, this is simple. Start with beginner questions that you may have, and then eventually add on to this. If you make an article about “Investing Basics,” then later you can do a post such as on “Dividend Investing.” You can think keep branching out and diving into each detail.

Document on your site what you learn in articles that you write. You can also ask your readers if they have any questions that they would like to read a post about.

Write your ideas down.

Something that I do nearly every single day is add to my list of “article ideas” on my phone. Whenever I think of anything, I type my idea into my list. My list has well over 100 things on it, and it’s very helpful for whenever I sit down and am looking for a new post idea.

Complete research for your articles.

No matter how much of a brain freeze you are suffering from and no matter how much it seems like you can’t come up with an article at all, don’t try to just make something up and publish it.  Your website it most likely very important to you, and you want to keep your content and writing at a high quality.

Make sure to research your articles if you can or should. Of course some articles and some websites are personal and don’t require much research, but if a post does require research, it is usually best not to make up facts, statistics and so on just so that you can create and publish a post.

There are many reliable websites out there where you can find trustworthy information. Find them!

Do you ever feel that you run out of ideas for content?


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